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Thread: will medicare pay for any bowel/bladder supplies besides catheters?

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    will medicare pay for any bowel/bladder supplies besides catheters?

    I Can't find any CURRENT info on a CC or google search about if medicare will pay for anything other than catheters- e.g. lubricant, gloves, incontinence pads. My goodness, these supplies are definitely medically NECESSARY!

    I HATE trying to call medicare- yuck ANY current experience or info would be appreciated. The costs really add up, even looking for the bargains...

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    I can appreciate your hesitancy about calling Medicare. It can be a nightmare... I've spent more time on hold then I care to remember. Also, many people who answer the phone are not well educated in the details of the policies. Weekends are better times to call.

    Medicare does cover 200 catheters a month. If you have two or more UTIs in a 12 month period, they will pay for 200 sterile enclosed kits per month (the UTIs have to be well documented). They will pay for 200 packets of sterile lubricant per month. If you have need (prefer...) the lubricant tubes, you can request those instead by having your doctor state you have dexterity issues using the packets. I believe you can get 2 tubes per month.

    They do not cover underpads.

    They do not appear to cover gloves, although this is not documented anywhere in their extensive literature.

    Yes, medicare considers things like underpads and gloves to be "convenience items", and not medically necessary. The denial they sent us for gloves coverage (after we appealed, including strong letters as to why they are medicaly necessary) essentially stated that they are not covered because they do not satisfy the criteria for durable medical equipment (ie. they are disposable) - ignoring the arguement that they are medically necessary altogether. Obviously, this is a silly reason for denial, as they do cover some disposable items.

    They do not cover anything having to do for bowel care.

    I agree that the costs really add up.

    Consider buying underpads by the case from AllegroMedical or the equivalent. Pretty cheap. Gloves from Costco are not bad (nice quality nitrile latex-free gloves), but still pricey in my book (2 boxes of 150 gloves each = 300 gloves for $14.99).

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    We should revolt. Gloves for bwel care and personal incontinence pads when you constantly leak are an absolute neccesity. Anyone want to plan our attack??

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    Revolt for Medicare Rights

    You actually pay for Medicare so you do have a voice. What city do you live in . Congress will help us . Send me a private mesage with your contact and I will get your supplies paid for by Medicare.

    Steve Winter

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    What is your secret strategy for getting Medicare to cover other disposable supplies?

    I'm sure many could benefit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hlh View Post
    What is your secret strategy for getting Medicare to cover other disposable supplies?

    I'm sure many could benefit.
    Yes, please reveal.
    Get involved in politics as if your life depended on it, because it does. -- Justin Dart

    I shall not tolerate ignorance or hate speech on this site.

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    Have extra gloves...need leg bags...Steve, we're waiting

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    Thats the problem everyone is waiting . Could use a little help. Met the Surgeon General under Bush. His name is Dr. Richard carmona who is now running for Senator in Az.

    Steve Winter

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