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Thread: Suicide Distribution in the United States

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    Suicide Distribution in the United States

    It is remarkable how concentrated suicides are in the United States.

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    You come up with the darndest things. It is concentrated, Isn't it.

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    I guess killing yourself in New Jersey is redundant?
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    That is an interesting map. I volunteer at the Suicide and Crisis Hot Line in Nevada. We have the 2nd highest rate of suicide in the Nation second to Wyoming. It isn't related to gaming, rather it has to do with the rural nature of Nevada (except for Reno and Vegas) and the lack of mental health counseling. Also, gun ownership is high in Nevada and probably in Wyoming. There must be other factors that aren't well known.
    I do a 4 hour shift once a week answering all crisis and suicide calls for NV. I think that the experience of trauma, loss,empathy, and emotional strength that the SCI people on this site have make for good volunteers - plus it feels good to help others....
    Another huge area of concern is the high rate of suicide of veterans

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    Holy cow guys if ABS commit suicide in USA having the jobs ,money to have a decent life ...What can I say ?Shame poor people respect life as much as they can.
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    Is it my imagination, or does the red and blue on the above map closely correlate with the red and blue we have seen so often on the political map? Does that mean there are a lot of Evangelical's doing themselves in?

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    all it said is they were white. most of the people I know who offed themselves were white male. none had nice lives. none. all suffered or had mental illness. all thought they had no way of improving their situation. two were terminally ill out of the eight I knew, two paras, one severe depression and a father who did the same. one out of fear of consequences, one because his sister was killed in an accident. it ain't all jelly in America people actually suffer here too. most suicides are teenaged in my area or very ill.

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    I believe there are more attempts among women but men are more lethal and have a higher rate of 'completion'. It is a difficult number to know for sure since some coroners do not list suicide as a cause of death but rather asphyxia or gun shot wound.....

    I think the cluster in the west has to do with the lack of mental health services in remote rural areas and the culture of not asking for help.....

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    I would think that suicide has a strong correlation with a sense of social isolation. Population density maps would probably match up pretty well with this suicide map. Relationships, emotional and physical support are very important in times of stress. I can also imagine that people with mental illness would seek out isolation.

    looking at Wikipedia
    the US overall suicide rate for males is not particularly high relative to the world, 17/100,000. In fact Romania is higher, Adi. The countries with the highest suicide rates, Lithuania, Belarus and Russia, have rates that are much higher than the highest rate areas in the US. Lithuania is almost 70/100,000.
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