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Thread: Loss of sleep increases inflammation (NF-kappa B) in the body only in women

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    Loss of sleep increases inflammation (NF-kappa B) in the body only in women

    Loss of sleep increases inflammation in the body

    Loss of sleep, even for a few short hours during the night, can prompt one's immune system to turn against healthy tissue and organs.

    A new article in the September 15th issue of Biological Psychiatry, by the UCLA Cousins Center research team, reports that losing sleep for even part of one night can trigger the key cellular pathway that produces tissue-damaging inflammation. The findings suggest a good night's sleep can ease the risk of both heart disease and autoimmune disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis.

    Specifically, the researchers measured the levels of nuclear factor (NF)-?B, a transcription factor that serves a vital role in the body's inflammatory signaling, in healthy adults. These measurements were repeatedly assessed, including in the morning after baseline (or normal) sleep, after partial sleep deprivation (where the volunteers were awake from 11 pm to 3:00 am), and after recovery sleep. In the morning after sleep loss, they discovered that activation of NF-?B signaling was significantly greater than after baseline or recovery sleep. It's important to note that they found this increase in inflammatory response in only the female subjects.


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    This is so interesting - and definately, this was the case for me while I was working and trying to heal pressure sores on little sleep with my rotating shift work.

    I had my levels tested in August and I showed a higher than normal C-Reactive protein ... I thought I was going to have a heart attack! (I've never had problems in that department). I was told there are two types of C-Reactive proteins .. one indicating an oncoming heart attack and the other is an inflammatory protein that would be present in my situation with infection - this is the one I had.

    So much to learn about the immune system!

    And sleeping is the only time we have away from the whining & demanding men of the world! lol
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