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Thread: disabled parents

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    disabled parents

    I am taking several social work classes this year trying to get closer to obtaining a masters degree. In one of them we need to collect several professional articles on a specific subject. Examples would be social work with veterans with disabilities, children who are victims of sexual abuse, elderly and addiction, etc.
    I thought it would be interesting to research parenting with a disability. I was very disappointed because I found two articles on the subject. I looked in a lot of places. Keep in mind these can’t be articles from a newspaper or for the general public. They have to be written by professors or in professional journals, etc.
    I found millions of articles about how to parent a child with a disability. Nothing at all about what happens to these kids when they grow up or what happens when, like many of us, it strikes us suddenly as adults. You mean to tell me no one out there, psychologists, social workers, doctors or anyone is studying how this affects people or their children and how to help them? Is it assumed that since we are adults we just deal with it or is it still assumed the disabled don’t have sex or are able to reproduce? I don’t believe that there is no effect at all but perhaps it’s not worth studying about? I don’t believe it is because it is mainstream and not an issue. How come I usually come away from these types of things feeling forgotten or looked over?

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    I have found a lack of info on the subject as I smell a theme paper or masters dissertion type paper in the works? lol.
    Emily, C-8 sensory incomplete mom to a 8 year old and a preschooler. TEN! years post.

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    I believe they don't thing we have children and they don't want us to have either. Here we have trouble to adopt, trouble to have help with IVF and ICSI. I was denied when I wanted to have ICSI with my last one and had to go to Sweden.

    There was no information when I got my first two and I don't think it is more information now. I have a friend who is taking master in disability and she is angry because they are taught about disable adults and disable children but not about disable parents.

    Here we say we are like air, like we don't excist. And if we excist it is in a negative way, sosial workers is coming home to people and look if they behave the children the right way. But only if the mother is disable, not when the father is.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    I found one book in the library system called "Reflections from a different journey : what adults with disabilities wish all parents knew". I got so excited thinking this was what I had been looking for for myself. Nope it's things disabled adults wish they had been told or their teachers had been told when they were children. It was very helpful and a great read for our school guidance counselor but not what I had hoped for.

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    Here are some links to resources. You may have already checked them out, but posting in case you haven't. Looks like a few may have addtl. links to journals or other publications, or reference other sources used, which you should be able to look up/search for further material. Also, have you searched through social work and health related journals and associations? The associations may provide further info on publications of interest.

    Disability, Pregnancy & Parenthood international

    The Policy Press
    * (book also on Amazon) Parenting and Disability: Disabled Parents' Experiences of Raising Children


    Development of an instrument to measure disability in parenting activity among women with rheumatoid arthritis

    Parenting with a Disability
    *offers text of various articles and brief of research, with included sources used, which you can use to search the research author's names and/or titles to look at what other related research they've conducted or is available. Such as:
    -> The Parents with Disabilities and Their Teens Project

    See also: TLG store for related publications for sale and download
    eg. these are free -
    > Parents With Physical, Systemic, or Visual Disabilities
    > Final Report: Adapting Through the Looking Glass' Intervention Model for Deaf Parents and their Children
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    It is a project here now about it

    Vanlige barn - uvanlige foreldre - Om fysisk funksjonshemmede foreldres problemer og mestringsstrategier
    Bakgrunnen for prosjektet er at man i dag har lite kunnskap om denne foreldregruppen. Samtidig fremheves det i offentlige dokumenter, som regjeringens handlingsplan for funksjonshemmede og FNs standardregler for funksjonshemmede, at funksjonshemmede skal ha lik rett som andre til å leve et familieliv med egne barn. Det pekes i disse dokumentene på at denne foreldregruppen, og særlig funksjonshemmede kvinner, i dag møter negative holdninger og problemer når de ønsker å bli foreldre

    Usual children - unusual parents. About disable parents problems and commands.
    The background for the project is that today one have too little knowledge of these parents. And on the same time it is maintain in official documents, like the Governments action plan for disable people and the UN's rules, that disable people should have the same rights to live a family life with their own children. It is written in the documents that these parents and especially disable women is meeting negative attitudes and problems when they want children.

    I hope I have translated right but if anybody else find any wrong here, they are welcome to translete it better.
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Thanks Chick. Some of those were really good. I searched mainly my university and library database. There was very little in there. Some of these I have already used but this was a big help.

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    I will try to post an article as an attachment here. If it works, I'll send more. Here goes..........
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    OK, it seemed to work, so I'll send more...some may help, some may not be helpful.
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    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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    One more...
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    "The truth will set you free. But first, it will piss you off." -Gloria Steinem

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