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Thread: Bicep tendon pain

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    Bicep tendon pain

    Does anyone know what to do about bicep tendon pain. My husband has a T4 injury for almost a year and is complaining about this pain for the last several months. What do we do?

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    Tendon pain is probably going to be from inflammation or damage to the tendon. Has he had it checked out? What has he taken for it so far? To me it sounds like time to consider an MRI.

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    He could possible have Bicepital Tendonitis which is inflammation where the bicep tendon sits in the bicepital groove. You might want to go to an orthopedic doctor for diagnosis. If that's all it is rest, ice, pain or anti-inflammatory medication is all that is needed unless the muscle is torn which is a different story. Hope that helps?

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    yep, what bdvanem said, if it goes away with use , after it gets warmed up it may be a form on tendinitis.
    rest ice not causing inflammation, when it is really torn or hanging by a thread it usually time for surgery to reattach. i had mine reattached
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    So bicep tendon pain isnt "normal". His PT seemed to think it was normal and nothing to do about it since he needs to use the muscles to get around.

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    I had tendon pain in the same spot. The only thing that really helped me was stretching and working out.

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    Yes, what the others are saying. Besides ice and heat, I use my e-stim pack for about an hour when I can, to get relief. Rest is always helpful, but as you say, you gotta use it to get around and such. Hate to say this, but its always gonna hurt. trick is to minimalize the use and hopefully the pain will be tolerable. If he can exercise it, do so lightly. NQ is dead on here, to stretch it, and use light weights for exercise will help.

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    myofascial trigger points (tp's) are extremely painful and can radiate pain up and down the arm.

    wheelchair users invariably have tp's in the belly of the bicep muscle, as well as in the upper (shoulder) and lower (elbow) tendinous attachments.

    they hurt very, very much.

    tp therapy techniques such stretching the bicep, warm moist heat, and most importantly, manual ischemic compression therapy can help alleviate it. a new technique called graston may help. true tp therapy is hard to find unfortunately, most write a scrip.

    you can do ischemic therapy on the bicep yourself using any number of self help devices available, such as theracane or back jobber, etc

    it takes time. remember, whenever possible (ex. in bed watching tv), keep arms relaxed and straight. tp's are formed in chronically shortened and contracted muscles.

    google myofascial trigger points for info

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    BTW, I have some minor damage in my shoulder to the rotator cuff and it causes referred pain in my bicep that feels like a stabbing pain about halfway down the outer part of my bicep. I told the doc about my pain and he said he suspected my rotator cuff and placed his finger exactly where the stabbing pain occurs, so obviously my experience isn't unique.

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    Just had this diagnosed from Ortho doc; tendonitis and bursitis in both arms/shoulders but worse on the left. So, I was given a Dosepak which I have just about completed; one more pill. It has helped considerably. And PT begins on Wednesday.

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