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Thread: Problems with Bowel Program Days

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimin View Post
    I use 2
    I used to and felt very iffy for the rest of the day almost to the point of staying at home.

    Now I use one and while it takes a little longer I don't get those Oh! My God! feelings afterwards.

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    The best place I have found is the Medical Supply Group. They are manufactured by Concepts In Confidence and are only $39.00 for a box of 100. Shipping is free if your order is over $50. I have ordered from them for years and they are very reliable.

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    I usually use ducolax which is taken orally. I take it at night because it takes longer to work but it really works

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    Maybe part of the problem is his diet? Does he eat a balanced diet with lots of greens/veggies/salad? If you're not eating properly you can sit there all day for all you want. I do my rountines at 6am... suppository then, wait 25-30min, get up on the can... sit for 30 min and let what happens happen, then my attendant does touches every 15 min until empty/clean... usually by 8:15am I'm done and heading to the shower... but I'm sure to eat balanced diets... I take 6 milk of mag tablets & 1 10m bisacodyl the night before around 7pm... drink about 500ml of water right away, and 1 can of pop an hour later... use a standard 10mg dulcolax suppository in the morning.. stick to that regime religiously and 99% of the time things work fine

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    SoCalGal...check out this info from Magee Rehab. It gives a good, easy to understand explanation of best practices for bowel routines.
    If your fiance is doing his bowel routine in the AM, it might be a good idea to suggest him taking some Dulcolax orally, like 2 tabs, at bedtime. Have things been going any better? I do my fiance's bowel routine and he is C5-6 and was injured about 11 years ago. So anytime you want to PM me and vent about your bowel routine frustrations I'm there for you! It's just not something you can really talk to your girlfriends about over a martini or something.....

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