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Thread: 3 Years searching , doctor after doctor

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    3 Years searching , doctor after doctor

    Hi everyone im shure im at the right place with all the threads ive read im gratefull. Three years ago I was in a construction accident Iwas working of a high lift it broke and dropped me, I really didn,t feel to bad at the time. I did feel a ball in the thoracic area. A few days later things changed that ball feeling in my back turned into a nightmare that kept getting worse.Pain beyond any pain i ever felt, I had to really struggle to breath, my legs felt slugish and would not go where i wanted them to,my body was slowing down. I went to the doctors they gave me a xray and said soft tishue damage,gave me some pills and sent me to a neuro surg , he did a mri saidsoft tis damage and sent me to a pain doctor.At this time I was walking bent forward and bent sideways , I was in a panic I was going down hill fast. I called the neuro doctor and told him im in bed and its a battle to sit up or walk. I was sent to Physiatrist she put me in traction, traction felt good the pain stopped and i could breathe when they pulled me apart, the therapist had to stop he said somethings not right.i went back to the doctor she orderd ct and a bone scan, she called me up and said you have a comp frac t8, they put me in a hyperextension brace. The brace helped with breathing and getting out of bed more ,ive been sent to therapy with no results, ive been pretty much a prisoner to bed. My doctor has been trying to wein me off brace ,but it takes the pain to high if i dont backoff i loose everything from the stomach down. When i put the brace back on I get my legs back. ive been freaking out I got all new doctors and they knew right away they called it unstable thoracic spine .Does anyone know about this unstable spine ,and is there a line where surgery is not a option and you have to just except?

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    In my experience, unstable spine fractures are surgically repaired, with a number of possible techniques to fuse the spine. When the doctor diagnosed this problem, did he/she recommend you see a neurosurgeon for a surgical repair. I know it has been 3 years but it sounds like you are in severe pain and not having a very good quality of life.
    I would recommend you see a neurosurgeon with experience with SCI, who are usually affiliated with a large SCI center. Hope you are near a large city and I hope this helps.


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    Thanks so much, I did see neurosurgeon and im not really getting clear answers, I am being told that a compression fract in the t8 area is in the worst possible area,. And if they have to crack the chest its a coin toss and at that odds would be better. This was not a neurosurgeon familar with sci . Is there a line where its to much of a risk to try and get your life back,or just settle on taking what you have left and try to build off of the nightmare.

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    Hmm, not much for responses here. Sounds like you really need to find a neurosurgeon who specializes in SCI. Seems like there is a sticky thread here that lists the major SCI centers in the country, if you could get to one of them. All the best, I hope you get relief soon.

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    There's a compression fracture at T8 but you don't mention if the diagnostic studies showed spinal cord compression. Three years is a terribly long time to not be diagnosed. If there's no neurosurgeons to see, you could look for an Orthopedic Surgeon who is board certified and specializes in spine.

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    I do have apointments comeing up with SCI doctor and i got all the films im just kinda scared about this whole thing, on the other hand i have some hope. Im not shure if the compression fract at t8 is still compressed, I was told once you have compression frac in that area it stays compressed untile you have had surgeory.I just need to find out my options.
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