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Thread: Medicare suppliment or Medicaid?

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    Exclamation Medicare suppliment or Medicaid?

    Ok so serious question about insurance.........I am currently on my mom's insurance and have medicare. Did anyone pick up that secondary insurance for ppl with disabilities? I am wondering if that is the best option since they would make me sign a waiver saying that the supplement would replace one of my insurances. More then likely the private insurance from my mom.

    Would seeing if I qualified for medicaid be a better move? If so, what is the qualifications for qualifying for medicaid? Thanks so much!!!!!!!!

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    Becky, I've just spent the last week going over medicare advantage plans and the possiblilty of a supplement plan.

    I've talked to people in the billing department of my local hospital, plus the hospital I've used in Knoxville, and my neurosurgeon.

    I'd like to use medicare and fill in with a medigap policy to pick up the costs not covered. Can't do it until I'm sixty-five. I can choose a medicare advantage policy with one of the companies who have a contract with medicare.

    Now here is where it got to be a pain. Finding a company that everyone uses so you're not out of network. I did fiind out from all of them, no one likes the PFFS plans. I had to choose a plan that was a PPO. I guess I'm going to go with Blue Cross Blue Sheild's Diamond plan. My neuro doctor will be out of network, but I don't see any other options for me. Can't afford to just have the medicare coverage, too much out of pocket for me. Especially since he thinks there will be another surgery for my lower back this time.

    Your best bet is to see if you qualify for Medicaid too. I did'nt because my husband still works.

    I wish this was easier too................

    Good luck!

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    If you qualify for medicaid you usually do not need an extra plan. Usually medicaid picks up what medicare doesn't. you should qualify based on what I know about you but I am not sure since you still live at home. Contact DHS and they will do the application.

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    This is for people who work but it is a start.

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