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Thread: Semi-Paralysis in Biceps, Deltoids

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    No, I haven't seen an OT since November when we moved, but from the suggestions I can see that I need to find one here. Yes, I have had two recent exams, but it was thought that electric stim wouldn't be helpful--why I don't know. I have an inferential machine.

    I do not know what a Swedish Aid is, but will start investigating. I have Mobile Arm supports for a table or desk, but find that pivoting my arm on the edge of a table works better than the supports. My fingers, hands and wrists work normally, but I cannot rotate them outwards unless they are supported by something.

    I am a California Worker's Comp case which has complicated my getting medical help here in the NW, but have paid out of pocket for physical therapy.

    I am almost one year post injury.

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    Swedish Aid:

    Be careful supporting your elbow on a table without padding. This is a good way to get a ulnar nerve compression syndrome and loose function in your hand.

    Do you have a decent WC specialist attorney in CA? Don't deal with CA WC without one.


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    Temporary paralysis after surgery for C3 to L1 stenosis

    I had surgery on 6/22/12. I woke up unable to move both arms and have been told that this is very rare so am interested in this post. I am fortunate to have been in spinal cord injury inpatient and after one week now in outpatient OT and PT e x a week. Slowly I hane shoulder movements and forearm flexor function and difficult hand movements with little sensory movement in most fingers esp thumb and forefinger. I can find very little about C5 recovery (I have no bicep and now partial deltoids in front of shoulder). I have been at a major respected clinic/hospital and all the doctors say I am rare and unusual. Have you heard of any more? I am slowly recovering but am told it may take months. I have many of the same problems as the previous post. Is this really so rare and unusual to have bilateral paralysis and recovery from the outside in?

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    Results from surgery and post op are different and depends on what caused it. C3 to L1 stenosis is a lot of stensois. But you are healing and improving and however it happens that is okay but it isn't totally unheard of. Was there masive swelling or some issue in surgery?

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