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Thread: shooting pool/billards from my chair

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    shooting pool/billards from my chair

    I played on Monday night my first game of pool in my chair. I have been part of the local women's league for about 11 years now. It was great to be back but it was also bittersweet.

    Does anyone have any tips on how the shoot? I shot a lot from the side and just straight on for breaking. I have a T8 level injury. Thanks for your help.

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    Maybe if I renamed the title pool shooting tips? I know that there are people out the in the CC community that can help me. Please!!

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    Yes I thought it was going to be about swimming pool transfer tips.

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    Changing the title didn't help did it?

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    I'm T5 complete and have shot pool for years. I don't have any tips, you just have to find a way that works. Brakes help, but my chairs usually lose their brakes in short order, so I usually play without them. Now that's a trick

    You might think of using a bridge for those shots that are hard to reach from your chair. I was pretty good pre-injury, and still can beat some good players when I've got my game on. I'm glad you're back to playin
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