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Thread: Snow Bound Wheelers (So Dakota)..

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    Snow Bound Wheelers (So Dakota)..

    How are all the snow bound wheelers doing in SD? I just heard 4 FOOT of snow w/20 ft drifts. That is entirely too much snow. I know of Kristi, do we have any other SD-ians? I hope you all are doing ok.
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    Well here in North Dakota so far there is about nine inches on the ground with drifts as high as five feet in my yard. It is days like today that bring me back to reality as far as my SCI goes. There is a five foot high rock hard drift the width of my driveway that might as well be Mount Everest as far as being able to get out of my house is concerned. As such I was unable to go to work or god forbid need to get to a hospital etc. With any luck my friend will come over after he gets off work and gets his own driveway cleared and start to work on mine. If I could get to the work shop I could get the snow blower going and work on the drift myself but as of right now and from yesterday at 2 pm I am a shut in. God what I would give to be able to just get out of the chair walk over the drift and regain my freedom. The only positive thing if there is one is the deer hunt started at noon today so the hunters should be happy

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    I'm fine in Sioux Falls -- we just got a dusting of snow. I can still the grass peeking through the snow. All the leaves are officially gone now. The West Side of state is what got hit pretty hard. A bunch lost power and yes, 20 ft snow drifts. I hope it's not a long winter, but yikes -- it's looking like it might be.
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