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Thread: Anyone have experience with the Ticket To Work program?

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    Have any of you tried the ticket to work program and not been able to work? Did you have trouble with getting your disability back?

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    You can re-assign your Ticket at anytime. It is just a brief letter. I used to have what is called a CWIC on my staff. However, I do not any longer. They specifically work with the Ticket to Work Program. I have never heard of assigning it to yourself. But, that would be awesome! Why give someone else the money for something that is not benefitting you. After all they are getting paid to assist you in getting and then maintaining a job. You do know that beyond your 9 month trial work period things can get sticky when it comes to continued SSDI and the like correct? With your skill set I am to assume you will make much more than you SSDI and are just trying to get back to work and off the "rolls" --no offense to anyone collecting SSDI as it is a valid and viable program and much needed. I did find an agency that has trained CWIC's in Portland. Although, I have no experience with them-- or you can private massage me and I have most of the forms from when we had a CWIC on staff that I can provide to you. Obviously, I am not looking to drum up consults or fees. Just help a fellow person with a disability. My forms are Florida Specific BUT they are in Word and I think you could adapt them-- Even the Work Plan and Cost Plan (the plan that allows you to deduct a portion of your expenses from your income to better maintain your benefits) Even if you do your 9 month trial work period and loose SSDI providing you are on that. You can typically keep your Medicare in some states for up to 9 years. Good luck to you and I wish you well! Assigning your Ticket to VR in my humble opinion is a waste. Even Job Coaches typically can't do much for someone as educated and intelligent as yourself.
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