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OJ, thank you for giving the commercial name of MS222. I am glad that it is available to the public. When the fish is anesthetized and then frozen, it feels nothing when it is frozen. Rather than waiting for the fish to die of anesthetic overdose, one can put the anesthetized fish into a freezer and the death results from the freezing. However, if one cannot get the anesthestic agent, putting the fish on ice and putting it in a freezer is better than cutting its head off or flushing it down the toilet.

Wise, I agree that ice is a far better option than cutting off the head or flushing a fish. I guess the point I was trying to make is if Finquel is used properly, it kills aquarium fish peacefully within minutes and removes the need to freeze. It is available fairly cheaply and quite easy to obtain as most large pet stores do carry it. As far as I know, it is the only fish anesthestic that one can buy commercially.

Going off topic but I remember the first time I needed to euthanize a fish. It was about 9 years ago and I was surprised by how many web sites there were devoted to the subject. One site in particular gave a very lengthy explanation (complete with photographs) of what the author called the most humane way to do it: electrocution. He had battery packs and all kinds of wires running in and out of a full fish tank. And I thought that is great, but what happens if you accidentally electrocute yourself along with the fish. Sorry for the diversion . This thread just reminded me of that.

I want to believe that fish don't feel pain. But I think they do.