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Thread: Roho Nexus vs Roho Low Profile

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    Roho Nexus vs Roho Low Profile

    I currently use the Nexus Spirit:

    I've used this for almost 6 years with no skin issues. The plus is that the contoured foam helps you sit straighter and keep your pelvis positioned well. My pelvis is slightly tilted and have mild obliquity.
    The negatives are that bc of the foam you sit a few inches higher and I feel slightly pushed forward in it. Also because the foam contour, the bump in the middle keeps my legs a tad apart which I don't like being female.

    I have a Low Profile demo:

    So far I like how I sit lower and more in my wc not on top of it. I don't feel thrown/pushed forward for some reason either. Because there is no contour between the legs they sit close together too which I really like. My only concern is by changing to the Low Profile I may cause more problems long term wth obliquity.

    Both should give equal skin protection because they are the same air cells. I don't want to cause more pelvic issues just to feel better and like the look the Low Profile gives my legs.

    I will bring this up with physiatrist soon and maybe should see a seating's just I'm in the process of getting a new wc and need to get it ordered sooner than later. Rather stick with Roho air too because it has worked this far, not try new.

    Any suggestions...experience welcomed.
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    Anyone? SCI OTR?

    I do like how the low profile sits lower and keeps my legs together, but it seems I get sore feeling in the sitting bones area using it. I thought I noticed a pink spot, but after trying it again had no pink issues the next day. Even when I inflate it a lot I still feel I sink in quite a bit but that doesn't happen with the Nexus even though it's the same brand, same air cells.

    Could the bump/contour of the Nexus be shaved down that it wouldn't cause skin issues? I hate to switch cushions because it works but don't want my legs a few inches apart anymore.
    Aerodynamically, the bumble bee shouldn't be able to fly, but the bumble bee doesn't know that, so it goes on flying anyways--Mary Kay Ash

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    other choices

    If you like roho they also make The HIGH PROFILE® QUADTRO SELECT®. Its also made in a new low profile cushion. Basically its like a regular roho but the air chambers are adjustable. so your OT can see how you sit and adjust the air to even out your hips and when the optimal position is found, the air is "locked in", so when you sit on your cushion your hips will be aligned every time. I also have pelvic obliquities and before it gets worse I decided to address the issue. I have a regular high profile and have tried out the quadtro select and it aligned my hips so I ordered it and am now waiting for it. The link is below. Hope this helps.

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