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Thread: Round Betty Wheels

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    Round Betty Wheels

    I have a set of Round Betty 24" rims for sale. They are brand new, never used and still in the package. The color is a polished chrome with an anodized push rim. I paid $650 and I'm asking $400. The reason I'm saling them is because I play wheelchair basketball and we use the Spinergy wheels so I purchased a set for my everyday chair so I'll have a back up set while playing in tournaments. If interested let me know.


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    The cost is $422 which includes shipping and handling.
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    interest in round betty wheels

    do you still have the wheels available?

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    Yes they are still available.

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    Virgil are you doing karaoke in the picture? fun.

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    Virgil are you doing karaoke in the picture? fun.
    Yes I am. In Dallas after a basketball tournament. It was at a bar where everyone was sing slow country songs so I got up there and did the "Because I was high" by Afroman. It was great!! The entire place went NUTTS.. lol

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