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Thread: This is scary and so sad

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    Unhappy This is scary and so sad

    Dad: Slain SC trick-or-treater saved him, siblings

    SUMTER, S.C. – The parents of a 12-year-old shot to death while trick-or-treating said Monday they hope the man accused of killing him suffers for the rest of his life.

    T.J. Darrisaw died Halloween night after police say a convicted felon unleashed a barrage of bullets from inside a home, pumping at least 29 shots through the closed door and front of the house. The boy's father and brother also were wounded.

    "The injury to my arm is not as bad as the injury to my heart. I've lost a piece of my heart forever," father Freddie Grinnell Jr. said as he sat in his living room Monday.

    Police said the suspect, Quentin Patrick, 22, opened fire with an AK-47 because he thought he was being robbed. The family went to the home because the porch light was on, usually a signal that trick-or-treaters are welcome.

    Two of three siblings who went to the door with their father were wearing ghoulish masks. Their parents said the slain boy was determined to get candy first, so he was in front when the shots were fired.

    "T.J. saved us that night," Grinnell said. "He took most of the shots."

    When the shooting stopped, Grinnell said, the door swung open. Patrick stood there, gun in hand, and said, "Oh, no."

    There are so many things changing, it scares me to do so many things we considered fun. This is incredible.


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    I KNOW, Raver!

    First I read about the crazy bitch that asked lil kids who they support for Prez, If they didn't say McCain, she refused them candy. The porch was full of crying 4 yr olds! In her defense, she posted a warning "No handouts for Obama supporters." Too bad they weren't old enough to read! (Let alone vote. Duhh.)

    She had these special official-looking full-color McCain flyers that candy went in, to me that was the weirdest part of all. I want to know-Was that an actual campaign strategy? Turning down 4 year olds looking for "handouts"?

    Then I read about this tragedy here. I can't figure out how that man's family thought he was sane enough to keep an ak47 laying around. When my brother went nutsoid, I conspired w/ his wife to remove his gun. (And it sure wasn't an ak47!) We knew he'd be mad but he was mad already, in the madman sense of the word. I'd rather my mad madmen be unarmed, tyvm!

    If I couldn't quietly remove the gun, I'd have turned him in. Felons can't have guns. To tell the truth, my brother's wife chickened out, so I came home to OK and THEN turned him in for having a firearm. As it turned out, an epic meltdown happened before they ever tried to confiscate the gun.

    See? When you're family, you know the epic meltdowns are coming. How could they have allowed him to keep an AK 47? I gather he was home alone on Halloween?

    It's not their fault, but they failed him, and terribly failed that boy and his family. If that had been my brother, and I knew he possessed a firearm like that, I would have never slept again.

    I read he had ptsd from being robbed. He should have gotten a rottweiler, or moved to a building w/ security. Buying an ak47 for home protection is-excuse me-overkill.

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    OMG. i can't imagine losing a son like this. can't even imagine. what an awful awful miserable experience for his family, and him. i think i might even kill a person who did something like this to one of my sons, which is very much out of character.

    what the hell is wrong with people? an AK-47 in the hands of a felon? PTSD from being robbed? if the trauma associated with being robbed pushed this guy into the ranks of the mentally ill, i can only imagine what murdering a child and going to jail will do to his identity. hopefully destroy it. it needs rebuilding, anyway.

    fwiw, SC is one of 28 states that REFUSES to comply with federal law by submitting mental health adjudication records to the National Instant Background Check System. a legal PTSD diagnosis would have disqualified him, even if he wasn't a felon.

    there should be no quarter given to this man and SC should get with the f'in program.

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