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Thread: hair loss ANYONE

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    Quote Originally Posted by cali View Post
    neurontin did it for me. plus a certain part of my head where it was coming out itched like hell. i looked like an ape trying to scratch that.

    the neurotin & potentilly bacolfen did it for me, i even stopped it because but went back to it because it did so well for my nerve pain, but it started fallin out again and worse so i had to stop again. now, it is not fallin out but i have severe nerve pain so either way i lose......some days i think i'd rather be bald??? good luck. it does grow back and i am lucky i had alot of hair to begin with.'

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    There are so many things that do cause hairloss.
    And so many hairlosses that have no explainable cause at least that medicine can figure out.

    Many cases of alopecia are just that..unexplained.
    Christopher Reeves started his at about 16. I did at around 19. It just happens. Tests after tests and usually nothing remarkable to explain the loss.

    There is one distinguishing thing about the alopecia areata is when hair falls it leaves a very pink scalp in that one place. Also when the hair begins to return which usually it does it is like soft fuzz and most often without color. Also right before the fallout the area does itch and also little tiny bumps can often be felt.

    At that time cortizone creme has been used with minimal success. Cortizone shots are used into the scalp to promote faster return.

    Don't know if alopecia caused by medicinal reactions are treatable in the same way..but a couple of stories here point to possible alopecia areata with unexplained causes. And it pretty much hangs around for life. Often not causing problems for quite sometime then coming on with a vengeance. Good luck with whatever type you may be experiencing.
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    I have no hair issues even though I am on two out of three you mentioned as well as being stressed out. What a lucky guy...

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    Plenty hair on my head ....My main concern is regarding my brain loss.
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    Hi Shana, I know how ya feel, it sucks, I'm freakin, I'm loosing mine like crazy. I went for bld tests thinking hormones because I'm you know..getting up there... Well, everything was good except my iron was really low, I'm taking 300mg everyday or two, we'll see if this makes a difference.

    I also have taken baclofen & ditropan for many years, I can't see that being it.

    Good luck............

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