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Thread: My Brother with A recent Injury

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    I've been a C2/3 quad for 23 years, I'm sorry you had to find us, but glad you did. Blue Cross can be very picky, but generally pay for what's needed. I agree with appealing the decision and contacting the equipment provider.

    For his chair, it needs to have been written up by someone to state his needs and reasonings. If this wasn't done, then it needs to be soon, by either an experienced PT or his Rehab doc. Unfortunately, insurance and funding issues will become a frequent job for him.

    Where was he sent to at the time of injury and receive rehab? These should be some of the things covered in it. Feel free to ask any question you have, he is in a good state for funding.
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    Get your doctors to write a letter. They may want you evaluated by PT but you should definitely appeal.


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    He was flown to St. Mary's hospital in Saginaw, he was there for about 2 months and then sent to Mary Free Bed in Grand Rapids for Rehabilitation. I want to say that he recieved excellent care at Mary Free Bed. He just came home Oct. 8th. His wife is taking care of him and their four children. I just found out last night that his insurance is cancelled, they only allowed him to keep it for 12 weeks after he was no longer able to work. I do have some good news I think I have found a chair for him and my sister and I are going to look at it first thing in the morning and if it is the one he needs we will be purchasing it for around $400.00 which isn't bad when they range from $1500-$2000. I never in my imagination ever thought My family would have to go through this. I know it is not the end and the struggle has just begun. I am really glad that I found this site so I will be able to learn more about different kinds of injuries and even the injuries my brother has sustained. Thanks for all your replies.


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    Be sure to measure that chair carefully!! That SUCKS about his insurance! Thank God he got thru rehab, though, that is a huge boon which might have not happened if he hadn't been insured those 12 weeks.

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    I was looking at my old posts.

    More important than the wc being denied is the health insurance cancellation. Did your brother work for a company? Has he checked to be see if he is eligible for COBRA continuation of the Blue Cross? If he can get COBRA you have only a limited number of days to apply. Have him call his employer. It will be costly but much better than going uninsured with SCI.

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    I was on COBRA when I got hurt, and kept it until Medicare kicked in, which was over 2 years. Definitly look into it you only have a short period of time.

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    Bria, were y'all able to get him a commode chair?

    It probably is preferable for him to have one, but it isn't the end of the world if he doesn't have one. I'm a C1-2 and my bowel routine has been done successfully (and generally not with too much difficulty) in bed for over 11 years now.

    God bless.
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    we have been able to get some donations for his commode chair but have yet to purchase it. I haven't talked to my sister in law in a couple days as I have been working. I will be seeing them for thanksgiving which I am excited!!! Haven't seen my brother or my nephews in over a month!!! He does have a carepage if anyone wants to view it the name of it is angelsuponbrandon. Have a good night everyone.


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