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Thread: Strong stomach spasms

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    Strong stomach spasms

    Over the past week I experienced spasms in my stomach throghout the day while sitting in my chair.Any type of movement seems to trigger them.
    Anybody have any ideas ?
    Ken c4-5 complete 14 yrs post

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    I can sympathize with you. The problem is is that it could be something or it could be nothing, meaning just neurogenic muscle spasticity. But things to check briefly could be urological, such as a bladder infection, bladder stone or even position of your testicles. You could be wearing pants that are too tight. You may have hemorrhoids or general neurogenic bowel spasm. It's really such a difficult task to find out. But since you have been paralyzed quite a while, have you not had this problem in the past? Does it go away when you're lying flat for a while? You spend any time on your stomach? How often do you have your bowels? Sitting on a full bowel full of hard stool can give people lower abdominal cramping and spasm.

    Lots of possibilities, but no easy answers.

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    Bowel and bladder are ok. Testicles ok also. I do have some hemmoroidal problems,not new though. Just everytime I take a deep breath, my stomach starts violently spasming.

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    I've been experiencing the same thing since this past summer. When they hit, I can hardly breathe. I've ruled out bladder and kidney probs in a recent ultrasound. Maybe roids? I dont know. If you figure it out, post it!

    Good luck,

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    Get your gall bladder checked maybe ..... its what was causing Bill's belly spasms .. that combined with increased back pain!!

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    my legs an belly have been spazzing out. i blame cold weather.

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    The grand prize winner is gall stones. Spasms have now quit. Should I have surgery or not ? I am delaying surgery until after Christmas at least.


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    You should talk with your physician about the pros and cons of surgery. If they are causing symptoms, we usually recommend surgery. If not, we just watch and then later if symptoms are noted you can be more sure about the cause and take action then.


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    Cold Weather or to tight of clothes kick it off for me.

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    gall bladder could be causing these probems???????????

    i can hardy set up some mornings
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