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Thread: Secret Santa

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    I'm in.
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    Quote Originally Posted by WheelieMike View Post
    Do you remember how many people were in last year?
    About 20

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    i'm in and i'll do it. got nothin else to do

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    Quote Originally Posted by mimin View Post
    About 20
    I'm surprised there were that few. I thought there was a lot of people saying they were interested last year. Anywho, sign me up.
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    I'm lookin for a coal mine right now. : )

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    I'd like to do it again. I'll organize if no one else does.

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    Quote Originally Posted by addiesue View Post
    I'd like to do it again. I'll organize if no one else does.

    will u help me if needed? I'll start official thread later.

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    I participated last year, even though I don't know anyone all that well, and I haven't been terribly active on this site. But it was good fun and I reckon that now I'm working again I can surely spare the 20 bucks or so. So I'll toss my name into the hat again this year. Just let me know what happens, thanks!


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    You can count me in.

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