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Thread: Clogging catheter

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    Clogging catheter

    I have not yet figuered out how to start a thread. I have many many questions. My Cath. treads to need changing every 2 weeks due to leaking or clogs. I ofen have a red cystal like sediment. Yesterday I went to the ER with a clog including a blood clot. I have had my SPC for only 1 year and have had many infections 2 which have been ceptic. What is happening.? Help!
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    cheree, to post a new thread, click on the appropriate forum and then click on "New Thread" icon at the upper left hand side of the screen. Write your question, then click on "Submit". To answer or respond to a thread, click on it, then click on "Reply to thread" icon also in the upper left hand side of the screen.

    It would help us if you completed your profile and include your level of SCI and ASIA category if possible, as well as how long you have been injured and your country of residence.

    How much water are you drinking daily? What other fluids, and in what amount? Have you had recent tests for stones? When you say infections, do you mean fever, chills, malaise, flank pain, etc or just positive cultures? The latter is common in those using indwelling catheters, and should be considered colonization, not UTI, and should rarely be treated.

    Have you talked to your urologist about the encrustation? What type of catheter are you using? Have you asked him/her about daily Renacedin bladder instillations to prevent the encrustation?


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