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Thread: Are there options for adaptive devices to takee the GMAT?

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    Are there options for adaptive devices to takee the GMAT?

    I can type and write, but if there's any chance I could get extended time or something, I'd take it.
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    Yes you need to contact them and they make arrangements letting the proctor know

    When I took my tests for the state board I needed to use a Flair instead of a #2pencil, I requested extra time for turning pages as i didn't want to screw up too much!
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    You are asking for an accomodation, not an adaptive device. There is no device that will give you more time for the exam, but it is a reasonable accomodation that you can request to be given more time, or be allowed to use a different writting utensil than what is standard for these exams. You may have to provide detailed justification for the accomodation requested though.


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    I submitted the whole application about 3 weeks ago with a doctors note verifying my condition, and I got an email today saying they have the application but need a "doctor’s statement verifying that you have the condition you have reported". So I call and I'm like already sent that- and they say well we didnt get it.

    So then I'm able to email it (I guess the last 3 weeks were wasted) and this lady gets it and reads it and says well, in my experience they require a little more supporting that I actually have this condition. I'm like what would that even be? She says well medical records or x-rays...ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are these people serious?

    It's going to end up taking like 2 months for this shit to happen ITS FEBRUARY I NEED TO APPLY TO GRAD SCHOOL WTF IS WRONG WITH THESE DUMBASS PEOPLE.
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    it sounds as if you are getting a run-around...have you asked to talk to a supervisor...It seems that you've submitted the required documentation twice...
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    jumping in.. not sure of the situation but..

    If they are close by, go to their office and introduce yourself.
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