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Thread: Space Heater

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    Space Heater

    There is no need to heat the whole house just to keep me warm in my room and I want to get a space heater.

    I just want to heat my bedroom which is about 8' x 12'. can anyone recommend what type and where to get it?

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    Cris, that's still a decent size room. I have 2 of these and they work excellent! My bedroom is 15'x15' and my livingroom is 24'x30'. Obviously it'll take a bit longer for the larger room to warm up. Seems like it was around $59..?

    At first, I bought 2 of these which work excellent as well. You may want this size and I think it was around $29...? I got them all at Sam's Club but they have them on eBay as well. Google is your friend for more possible stores.

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    I have 1 Honeywell oil filled one which keeps my bedroom 78 degrees on the low setting. Bedroom size is about 12 by 20. I had the fans ones.....they make to much noise at night.


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    I prefer radiant heaters to forced air myself. I have one of these:

    They're hard to find in stores but you can get them online. Don't think I paid that much for mine though.

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