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Thread: Third International Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Beijing, News?

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    Third International Spinal Cord Injury Treatment Beijing, News?

    Anyone heard anything?

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    It was amazing. There is so much to be hopeful about. Suzanne Poon has done an amazing thing and the world owes her a collective thank you.

    I swear, I didn't hear "In 5 years time...." Not once.

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    Quote Originally Posted by World Traveler View Post

    It was amazing. There is so much to be hopeful about. Suzanne Poon has done an amazing thing and the world owes her a collective thank you.

    I swear, I didn't hear "In 5 years time...." Not once.
    what did you hear?

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    I swear, I didn't hear "In 5 years time...." Not once.
    Just that is good news!!

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    I definately want to know the scoop on whats going down there also. Is there some research that is going to be put to work soon? Info like that should be posted asap! Im looking forward to hearing whats going on. I have no problems with traveling for progressive treatments, my passports ready to go! Please post as soon as somethings heard!

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    I do not have a medical background, so I can only speak in the plainest of terms. The brilliant scientists can do a much better job than I.

    I saw AMAZING techniques for acute injuries. The Olympic Dancer who fell prior to the games had surgery within 2 hours and is now walking with a brace and steadily improving. Seems to have BB control. It was the surgery that made the difference. The speed at which the Chinese were able to get in and perform the surgery seemed to me to be key. (Please remember, I have no medical training so I may and should be corrected.)

    The international community is working so hard to save lives, improve function, the collaboration that is happening between Dr. Young and the doctors overseas is phenomenal. They just won't stop until they conquer this beast. They won't stop.

    For the chronic SCI population, there is so much hope. So much need for funding. Wise Young and Stephen Davies are so dedicated, they are completely aware that it is the chronic population that have been waiting and after talking to both, I could not have been more impressed with either. Dr. Davies research should be supported, in my opinion. I know you have all been following his thread in this forum. He is passionate, brilliant, and is able to put things in a way that a layperson, such as myself, could follow. He is careful not to create false hope. It won't be a pill available on the shelf at the end of the month, but he is tireless in his commitment.

    From what I could understand, the Chinese being quick to surgery and the having people who have had the surgery walk for hours around the hospital is their major contribution. I may have missed A LOT in translation there. But keeping bodies moving is so important and might be responsible for their lack of UTI's etc. during recovery. My first thought was "Great, people are walking, but do they have BB control." The answer appears to be yes. Their walking gait after a year was not quite normal, but it was more than reasonable, going up and down stairs without assistance.

    Someone much more intelligent needs to step in and say that better than I can. The meeting of the minds was wonderful. These researchers care deeply about your life and I left the conference each day unable to sleep because of all of the possibilities.

    I do not have an SCI. I am AB. I wish that I could do or say more. But there is hope. I may have met the people who will change your lives for the better. It was one of the most profound trips of my life.

    The best advice that I could give, is attend these conferences. Show up. Be seen. Ask questions directly. There was only one man in attendance for the conference that was in a chair. Only one. It is not enough to wait when you can learn first hand, see, and make sure that your concerns are heard, and listen hard to the answers. That and find a way to keep your bodies moving. Do not become complacent. Keep moving.

    The Care Cure Community is incredibly well informed. Much more so than your local GP. That knowledge is a huge power. Please use it for all you are worth.

    Again, thank you to Suzanne Poon and Dr. Young. You did an amazing job of pulling the conference together and it was marvelous.

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    Thank you so much.

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    Thank you World Traveler!


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    I was the ''one in the wheelchair there'' that World Traveler mentions and I echo the sentiment that ''we'' have to get to these events . I was disappointed that there wasn't any other SCIs evident there . In my opinion the major reason [even more important than self education] to attend is to give a visible reminder to researchers and administrators of what their final goal is . It was a great conference both in organisation [my thanks once again to Suzanne Poon (it was good to finally meet you)] and content .

    After 10 days away from home [it's a long way from outback Australia to Beijing] I have a heap of work needing attention , but I will try to post my impressions of the conference after I get things back to the normal state of organised chaos here .

    Thank you ,
    Every day I wake up is a good one .

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    thanks world traveler and dogger, and of course suzanne

    dogger, am anxious to hear your views on research and beijing

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