Hello. My 16 year old has a complete T5-6 SCI post 3 years now. He does great really. We have the usual problems of spasms, neuro pain, and UTI's and he basically handles it all with great tolerance and grace. We are fortunate that as a family we are all very close and helpful.

Ben had his rehab at Columbus Children's Hospital and we feel as a 13 y.o. he had the best possible.

The last couple of weeks he has been asking many questions about research and clinical trials etc. I will admit my mind set these past 3 years are adapting and getting him in college etc. To be independent and happy etc.
And I know that is a big part of his future.

My question is how do I give him the support he needs at this time to learn about research and what that means for him now or in the future. Does he qualify for any studies at this time and how does one know?
Right now I think school is a full schedule for him and work is a full schedule for me and his dad too.

I have gotten so much support just reading other post these past couple of years and I thank you all.
Ben's Mom Cindy