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Thread: Happy Birthday lynnifer

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    Happy Birthday Lyniffer! Wishing you a large piece of cake, some ice cream on the side, and all your dreams come true!

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    Happy B-Day to a sweet lady. May you get many more and in good health. Have a ScrewDriver or Tom collins in my place okay?


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    Happy Birthday fellow Canadian ~ and Happy Halloween.

    Hope you have a scary, scary day!!

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    Happy Birthday
    C5/C6 complete

    "I knew all the rules but the rules did not know me guaranteed..." - Eddie Vedder

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    I sure hope you did something wicked and amazing for your b-day Jenn !!

    ~ Be the change you wish to see in the world ~ Mahatma Gandi

    " calling all Angels ...... calling all Angels ....walk me through this one .. don't leave me alone .... calling all Angels .... calling all Angels .... we're tryin' and we're hopin' cause we're not sure how ....... this .... goes ..."
    Jane Siberry

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    I hope you had a very nice birthday
    TH 12, 43 years post

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    Happy Birthday Lynnifer!


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    Happy Birthday Jenn
    C5/6 incomplete

    "I assume you all have guns and crack....."

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    Hope you had a great birthday! You deserve it!

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    Thank you so much for the birthday wishes you guys! I can always count on you to think of me ... hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween!

    (My dad apparently forgot my birthday again this year ... LOL)
    Roses are red. Tacos are enjoyable. Don't blame immigrants, because you're unemployable.

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