Have you known this company? I am going to watch this company, it works on chronic spinal cord injuries too, and I like it. Should we write to them?

InVivo Therapeutics was founded based on research from Robert S. Langer Sc.D. of MIT’s Langer Lab and Yang (Ted) D. Teng, MD, PhD from Harvard’s Neurosurgery Department and VA Boston’s SCI Research Division.

Dr. Langer and Dr. Teng, have worked together for over 9 years, publishing their findings in peer reviewed journals, with the focused objective to provide novel therapeutic options for treating acute and chronic spinal cord injuries.

We believe that incremental discoveries are the best opportunity for improving the quality of life for people living with SCI conditions. SCI research should focus not only on single pathological components but also on strategies that can treat daily clinical challenges through preventing the secondary loss of function and restoring neurophysiology.

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