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Thread: NZ is moving?

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    NZ is moving?

    I Like her way of thinking

    Fixing a broken spinal cord could soon be as easy as fixing a broken arm, says New Zealand Spinal Cord Society president Noela Vallis.

    A New Zealand stem cell research trial has the potential to heal broken spinal cords if the Multi Regional Ethics Committee allows the trial to go ahead.

    Mrs Vallis was in Gisborne last week to speak about the stem cell research trial and her quest to find a cure to paralysis.

    "Too many people have told me there won't be a cure for paralysis in my lifetime but there is no need for people to sit in those wheelchairs," said Mrs Vallis.

    "We have the technology and we have the doctors and they are just sitting in Otago waiting for the go-ahead."

    Inspiration for the trial came from a study in Portugal on 150 people who returned varying levels of success.

    Twelve New Zealand paraplegics will have the chance to be part of the revolutionary trial.


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    "We have the science to make treating spinal injuries as easy as fixing a broken arm". Pretty bold statement , hope their right.
    oh well

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    Well, it will be like that for our kids, I'm just waiting for the journey to begin.

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    bullshit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    cure arthritis or baldness then maybe I can believe this f#cking BS

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    Quote Originally Posted by topperf View Post
    Well, it will be like that for our kids, I'm just waiting for the journey to begin.
    Hi topperf,
    I’m not so sure about this, it’s based on what Carlos Lima in Portugal has done for some years now, search CareCure for his name and you will find several discussions, read also this piece at the Danish RYK website;

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    Oh - I know of Lima and its not my impression that they are copying his procedure 100% - they are for example dealing with scar tissue, I'm quite sure this has not been part of his operation. (I've met a man who went there) but correct me if am wrong.
    (and ryk's site hasn't been updated for four years..)
    @znop - wow, thats many !'s

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    I think Lima does surgically remove some of the scar tissue as part of his procedure. Have to agree with Leif, it does sound like the NZ team is trying to replicate what he has already done (but hasn't provided sound data to prove its worth). Also these nasal cells aren't strictly speaking stem cells so I wonder why the ethics committee is so reluctant for the procedure to go ahead. Perhaps its not the cells but the lack of significant results that is preventing its progress to trials.

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