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Thread: Save umbilical cord blood

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    Save umbilical cord blood

    I saw on The Doctors the other day that a couple decided to keep their cord blood because she was adopted and didn't know her background.

    Their baby at one year old got cerebral palsy. He could barely walk and couldn't talk. She did some research on the net and found that DR James Baumgarden was doing some studies at Duke University on Stem cells. After two days the baby had a miraculous recovery. I saw a video of the baby before and saw the baby on the show and it was so unbelievable. He was normal.
    The Dr's explained that they still don't understand how the stem cells work. Of course, we know that. Cerebral Palsy affects the brain so the stem cells went to the site and around the site of injury and repaired the area of the brain.

    Now to me it seems that this would be able to help many many people that have had brain injuries and other sickness and diseases. The Doctors showed how the brain was affected before and after and showed the progress they did on a rat and I found it very interesting.

    I posted this because if anyone of you decide to have a baby or know anyone who will be having one might find this useful.

    If only Oprah and Bill Gates and all these other billionaires could donate to stem cell research. If they had a child that was in need of stem cells I bet they would jump on it.
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    Thanks Mary. Great idea. That's wonderful!
    The next 10 yrs is going to be interesting to watch.
    I feel alot of progress will be made!

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