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Thread: If you care about animals in the slightest - please read this!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinny View Post
    Btw, they're just animals people.
    no worries, i'm not going to try to rip you a new one because it made me sob.

    my dad would drown chipmunks that live under my deck because they cause damage, but i still feel bad that it happened. from what i hear, drowning is the most painless way to die, but obviously since i didn't do that, i wouldn't know.

    i'm used to death, carcasses, and having dogs and cats in my life die, but i can't stand to see things like this happen. it just rips my heart out. they may be animals, but come on. we aren't predator here.

    i know you said you don't agree with how they do it, but i'm still a bit baffled at your indifference to what they feel when their skin is ripped off of them while still alive and awake. to have them lift their head up from a pile of dying bodies with nothing but eyelashes left and look around in complete desperation and confusion, then collapse into a seizure and die. i can't understand how that doesn't make a person without fried hardwiring in the brain not hurt.
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    I emailed also.
    Tomorrow we will be voting to change alot of the cruelty and inhumane treatment of our food source animals with Prop. 2...finally. I guess every state has to be accountable for changing these barbaric methods of stuffing our overweight asses.

    And gain a healthier food stock also..for all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jbinny View Post
    Btw, they're just animals people.
    Allow me to be the first to educate you on the fact that "people" are just animals and the way they treat others (and your attitude about it) is proof of that.

    Maybe seeing litters of puppies drowned in a 5 gallon bucket because they were mutts desensitized me a bit.
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    I cant watch that stuff. that just messed up my whole nite

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    Quote Originally Posted by Juke_spin View Post
    Jenn, thanks for bringing this to our attention. I just fired off an email to Sears using the addy you provided. I believe that the way a society "uses" the living organisms of this planet is a deep reflection about how it feels about its own members and this is a sad reflection on us. Let's try to put a stop to it.

    No problem, and although I know the reality is a heart wrenching one - thank you to those who viewed and those that emailed also. My intent wasn't to upset anyone, but I feel like although an arguably negligible action, we can be the voice for those who can't speak for themselves somewhat.

    If everyone was of the opinion to turn a blind eye to such injustices, I dread to think how far in the s''t this World would be.

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    Should we boycott HOME MAKE OVER EDITION?Sears is there biggest sponsor's.We can't be picky right?
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