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Thread: Cymbalta...anyone tried it??

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    Cymbalta...anyone tried it??

    I just started Cymbalta yesterday (1 -30 mg tab/day to start for a wk)

    I am tryin it for nerve pain....tried nurotin (worked good for 6 months, then had to inc to a 1800mg dose whith HORRIBLE side effects 4 loss, neasea, dizzy, spacy, wobbly walkin etc. stopped nurotin and went to keppra....2000mg/day 2 in morn& 2 at night. still had hair loss but not as bad, but the 'tiredness' killed me and i found it hard for work, plus it did nothin 2 nerve pain. i ask Dr. to try topomax....he suggested cymbalts.

    so he took me off keppra (i am cuttin it down now...1000 mg for 1more wk then will stop) also took me off remeron & trofanil.......started me on 30 mg cymbalta.....i think i double that in 1 wk and get to 3 pills/day in 3 wks or so....he also startd me on provigil, hopefully tat will help my energy level. Any and all info on cymbalta good or bad is appreciated

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    Took cymbalta for a week - felt nauseated, loss of appetite, tired all the time, so I stopped. Neurontin is no use for me either. I think it depends on what type of injuries you have. Mine is definitely some nerve and bone structure pain. Vicodin works best right now.

    I heard all of these medications are "anti-depressant" pills. They say if you are happy, your body naturally feels better.

    Try a healthier diet if you can and see if that works. Who knows, try anything other than pills for long term results. Good luck..

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    thanks for the response, tried Lyrica too but it lowered my WBC count twice sp my Dr. stopped it.......arggggggg

    I eat pretty good but i think keppra supressed my apetite. i just hate all the stoppin n starting of new drugs too but i really do need something 4 my nuropain. i got an epidural 4 the 2 Lumbar bulging disks i have & a bilateral SI joint injection so hopefully that will relieve some lower back pain for a while and make work more manageable, but i need some help in the neuropain arena

    I have a spinal cord injury...a spinal cord injury DOES NOT have me!

    walking quad-Central Cord Syndrome

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    My mother has taken it. She'd take it in the morning and be in a good mood for the day.

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    I have been taking Cymablta for about 4 months now with one noticable side effect. ENERGY!!! It's like it has a "speed" effect on me. I also am taking Lyrica and Celexa, so I get the whole realm of the Anti-Depressant's. If I were to rate my Neuro Pain today I would say it is less than a couple of months ago. Still there but lessened to some extent. Still have the pain in my leg and feet going numb/tingly/stabbing but a bit more manageable. Not sure if it is the combo of all the meds but a blessing none the less. I also take CR Dilaudid in doses of 6mg in AM and 9mg at bedtime (able to sleep most of the night) LOL! Keep a positive attititude and in time the Dr. will find the right combination to help you I'm sure. Expensive but when you find the right ones, it is well worth the $$ if you are able to function better and in less pain. Be strong!!!
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    I took Cymbalta for over 2 years, and it worked great. Here recently, it started not working as well, and instead of increasing my dose again, my doctor switched me to Celexa and I just started taking Nuerontin. I never had any problems with Cymbalta, but I never noticed it as a big help to the pain. Other than that, I had no trouble with it.
    Good luck!
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    I tired this drug but it was way to expensive with my insurance. Also, you cannot just stop taking this drug as it has been tapered down. It also really did not give me any relief.

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    i have been on cymbalta for just over a year. before i started taking it i was on neurontin...but the pain was so bad that i just wished i would die. since being on the cymbalta i have found that i am better able to cope with pain (that is still there). i am able to strategize how to relieve my pain, i do not feel so desparate. i am sure that i was depressed because of the pain. somehow now i feel more powerful and able to cope.

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    Cymbalta could be an interesting medicine for you, although still a little new in the neuro pain treatment world. It's more established for mood, but hey - if you are feeling low energy/fatigue and SCI is kicking you in the butt these days, it maybe be a great thing to try to see if you can kill two birds with one stone!

    It is interesting how many of the medicines that we now use for treating pain were actually developed as anti-depressants, but they clearly do a lot more then "make you feel good" so you tolerate pain. Honestly, we don't really understand what makes you depressed (!) and we don't really understand central pain either (!) but clearly all of these things must be controlled by neurons in the brain/spinal cord. So it's not surprising that some medicines that affect a variety of neurons in the brain may actually have multiple affects.....

    But I think we all have noticed that when are feeling down, our pain is worse. But which is the chicken and which is the egg? Both are both.

    Topomax is famous for decreasing your appetite/weight loss, and it sounds like that might have been an undesired side effect with another med you tried. Although the most troublesome side effect is that it can really slow you down cognitively (i.e feel like you are in a daze/dopey). But everyone has different levels of tolerance, so it is always worth trying these meds if you aren't happy with your pain control.

    But TMAZ made a really good point. Be very very careful if you decide to stop cymbalta in the future -- taper down the dose slowly, like you have been doing with your other meds. My mother has been on cymbalta for the past 1-2 years to try to prevent her debilitating migraines.... and one day she decided to suddenly stop it since she didn't think it was helping, and she plummetted into a severe depression, crying for no reason/beside herself. It was scary and no one knew what was going on until we realized what she had done.

    Good luck with the cymbalta. I hope it works for you.
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    they've tried almost everything on me. cymbalta was esp. bad for me, lyrica, neurotin, you name it. i know they work for some so guess you just have to try.

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