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Thread: Neurontin & pain meds

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    Neurontin & pain meds

    I have a question for you guys......why would a doctor have me start taking Neurontin along with my pain meds? I take 60mg of Oxycontin Extended Release (2xs/day) and 5mg of Oxycodone for my break through pain. My regular doc was out due to a family emergency, so the fill in doctor had to write my scripts for me this time. He told me that since he's writing a script for the Oxycontin, he wanted to start me on Neurontin. I took it once before a while back, but it didn't last more than 1 week due to the side effects. This time I'm started out on a low dose, 300 mg 1x/day. The pain that I deal with on a daily basis is horrible, and I've dealt with it for years. The pain medication doesn't get rid of it, of course, but it does help tremendously. Without it, I don't think I could get around. Every day is a challenge, and like everyone else here, some days are better than others.
    So back to the Neruontin, would it enhance the way my other meds work? Or does the "fill in" doc know something that my regular doc doesn't.
    Any input would be so appreciated!
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    The neurontin is prescribed for nerve pain, as opposed to "regular" pain, for lack of a better term. I take lyrica for that, in combo with regular pain meds. It allows me to take less of the other meds, and still control the pain.

    Theoretically it is better for the nerve pain than oxy, percocet, etc.

    My take on it is that he is hoping to be able to lower the amount of the oxy that you use, or at least get a better handle on your pain.

    It is hoghly likely that your pain is a combo of different types of pain, so treating them both/all should help.
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    Yup, Neurontin (or Lyrica) are commonly used to treat neuropathic pain. Neuro pain generally doesn't respond to regular pain meds like opiods or anti-inflammatories. Neurontin basically helps calm the nerve signals. It is sometimes combined with a tri-cyclic anti-depressant such as Elavil for the same reason. Neuropathic pain plays by different rules. If you have both neuropathic and "normal" pain, you need to treat each one differently.

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    Thank you for responding to my questions. I've been taking the Neurtonin (Gabapentin sp?) for a couple of weeks now, and I have noticed a bit of a difference. My pain is pretty bad, so the tiniest bit of relief is definitely noticeable. I just wonder.....why is this med just now being prescribed to me? I've had this pain for so long, I just find it so odd that the doc is just now suggesting this to me. Before, they kept raising the "break thru" meds, and increasing my dose of oxy - until I told them that I couldn't handle the high dose. Being a full-time, single mom, and working part-time doesn't give me the luxury of being half out-of-it for most of the day. So, I'm right on the line of the max dose my body can handle. I haven't had any severe side effects from the Neruontin, so I guess that's good. I'm trying to stay on the lowest dose possible, so if my pain does get worse, I have room to go up. I try to stay on the theory of "less is more", until I just can't do it anymore.
    Thanks again for responding!
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    A combo of Neurontin 600mgs in a.m. and 600 mgs in evening along with Klonapine at bedtime has been working really well for me. I only recently started the Klonapine, so we'll see how it goes in the long term.
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