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Thread: I don't want to flush drugs down toilet...

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    I don't want to flush drugs down toilet...

    I was cleaning and came upon 800mg of nurotten(sp) 120 pills...the next day the dr. decided to try my son didn't take them...I saw a post about 3rd world countries taking them but can't find the post...anyone know what I'm talking about? I also have lots of caths that have 3 ports so there is no need to disconnect for irrigating, anyone have a need? free, just pay postage or exchange for leg bags...judy

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    yeah definitely don't flush them down the toilet especially if you don't have your own septic system. those meds can affect the water system because many people do that and it becomes a problem. hope you can send them to someone who can use them!

    now, i don't know if neurontin is considered a narcotic or not.
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    Hi MadMaddMother,

    Don't rush into discarding the Neurontin (gabapentin) just yet. Your son's doctor may want to slowly wean him off the Neurontin as he ramps him up on the Lyrica. I think I read that's how it's done. Both drugs are taken simultaneously for awhile.

    I take 3200mgs of gabapentin a day and luckily it works for me. 4 of those huge 800mg horse pills. They get stuck in my throat every day. And breaking them in half is even worse... the sharp edges catch!

    I hope your son finds a drug that relieves his pain but doesn't leave him with a bunch of bad side-effects.

    You can call your pharmacist and ask him or her what the the proper way is to discard the Neurontin. I know it was discussed here before but I forget what the answer was.

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