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Thread: Need SCI physician in Houston

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    Need SCI physician in Houston

    Found this thread. Tried to call Dr. Valena. He has closed his office practice. Does anyone else know of another non-TIRR SCI doc near Houston, TX?

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    You can find a list of TX physiatrists here:

    You would need to contact them to determine if they are also board certified in Spinal Cord Medicine or search here by physician name:


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    TIRR is the big one and a good place to go... but... if memory serves me well, they only take straight medicaid. Meaning, if the state has you choose one of thier "managed care" programs, you may be put in the same position my son was- spending lots of time trying to see ANYONE!
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    What is it you need one for? I wouldn't recommend the ones I had, and they were all TIRR-affiliated anyway. But I worked in hospital labs down there for 10 years and am still somewhat plugged into the grapevine. Odds are good that I can find you a name if I know what you're after.

    You're not a vet, are you? I was kind of impressed w the SCI unit at the Houston VA. I did an experimental trial there. Learned things just hanging out in the halls that I broke my butt trying to find out at TIRR.

    Like about a left-foot accelerator for my car. I knew it had to exist but could NOT get the info I needed, until I was just wheeling down a hallway at the VA, overheard a convo and butted in. I've been driving w/ that accelerator for the past 8 years!

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