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Thread: SCI Nurse...doc tells Jesss to get a foley

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    SCI Nurse...doc tells Jesss to get a foley

    I didnt want this to get overlooked if I put it with the old thread about sweating so I started a new one.
    Jesse has an appointment with a physiatrist that Dr. Donovan from TIRR recommended to us. He is out of the Mayo and referred by Donovan so I think we are headed the right direction in trying to get answers to Jesses sweating issue. He sweats mainly on the right side and always feels "shitty". Cold/clammy. Seems to feel worse if he sits up vs. elbows on his knees. Anyway, the reason for this question to the nurse is the doctor at Mayo wants him to have a foley put in now. Jesses appt is Nov. 13. Jess is worried about having this done since he has never had UTI issues and only caths when he knows he needs to, not by a clock. Can you explain why the doc would want the foley put in and what are the risks. Could a foley possibly mess his bladder up to the point of him not being able to tell when he has to cath, like he does now? Why would he want to do this. He had all the urodynamic tests, etc in January. They have those results now at the Mayo.Sorry this got so long to explain.

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    Is this doctor the physiatrist or a urologist? I would want to ask a lot of questions about why they think an indwelling catheter is needed.

    If he is able to do his own caths, and his pressures are acceptable, and any leakage controlled, it would be a better method long term in terms of complications such as renal function, stone risk, and fertility. Not only that, but having to drag around a bag all the time is not all that easy, and odor often is a problem.

    I would want to have a second opinion from another neurologic urologist, and perhaps a second physiatrist if you are getting pushed this way without sufficient explaination of the rationale...and ultimately it is his choice. No one can force him to change to an indwelling if he does not want to go that way.



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