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Thread: Pushing Your Wheelchair

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    Pushing Your Wheelchair

    I hope this doesn't sound silly, but I'm looking for better "techniques" for pushing my wheelchair. Right now I still have the clunky, heavy rental chair, but should have my new TiLite Aero Z soon. I wear a pair of women's workout gloves, but see others sans gloves. While pushing without gloves isn't too bad, stopping is challenging and hard on my hands. If you don't wear gloves, how do you do it? Just build up calluses? Is there some sort of technique for stopping I'm missing? If you do wear gloves, any type that you like? I'd love to be able to wear my wedding ring again, but it won't fit under the style gloves I have.

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    Ahhh bless your heart Molly.
    If I was you I'd want my wedding ring on too.
    I'm in an electric, so I don't know the answer.
    I'm figuring calloses for sure.
    Someone should have a favorite gloive they can turn you on to.
    God luck!

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    I always were gloves and prefer the ones for bikes without fingers in the summer. I know, I push on the rubber, not on the pushrims, but I get better speed that way. Remember to push from as far back you can put your hands on the wheels.

    Difficult to explain, don't you have course for using the chair? I have been two weeks on course to learn to push in the forrest, up and down edges, steps and how to come in and out of the chair from the floor. To wheel on the back wheels only and how to go down one step foreward and how to use an escalator. It was very useful and I felt much safer after.
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    Incorrect pushing technique and wheelchair set up are two major factors in long term shoulder, elbow and wrist problems. It is critical to learn the correct technique (many therapist do NOT teach this correctly) and to be sure your chair is set up properly.

    This guideline is not yet available in a consumer version (but will be soon) but I would still recommend downloading the professional version and look at the section on wheelchair set up and push technique. If you are still in therapy, take it with you to your therapy appointment and review it and your technique with your therapist:

    Preservation of Upper Limb Function Following Spinal Cord Injury


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    I am assuming you have good hand function if your injury is at L1. Switching to a NaturalFit handrim would make braking much easier because it provides a larger surface area for your hands to apply pressure. While they cost $279 for a "complete" pair (oval component and thumb ring), you can purchase a pair of just the oval components for ~$170 (like my setup pictured below).

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    I got these cool weight lifting gloves. no fingers, and they now hav girl sizes and colors. they are reinforced on the palms a little more than bike gloves. and last longer.

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    never gloves here except playing rugby. u build callouses rep
    c4/5 inc funtioning c6. 28 yrs post.
    sponsored handcycle racer

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    But do you think callouses on women are nice
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    I switch back and forth between gloves ant not. The fingerless types don't interfere with my rings. I wear gloves if the venue is dirty, (some stores, outside) or if I am going to be wheeling a long time. I go barehanded for shorted periods, and inside. The lighter chair will help a lot. But definately, check to be sure you are wheeling properly, it should be long smooth strokes, not short quick ones.
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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post
    But do you think callouses on women are nice

    That's a good point actually... (in an attempt to say what I really mean without being sexist) callouses on hands are not pretty... (I Suck)

    you come to expect it from a man tho, being the brutes they are...

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