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Thread: Pressure sore mobility:trolleys,any ideas

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    Pressure sore mobility:trolleys,any ideas

    Hi all

    I thought it might be useful to share info on what you do when stuck in bed with a pressure sore. Im sure it's happened to lots of us..... and there must be ways to stay laying down yet get out of bed. My personal feeling is that laying prone in bed musn't be good for the rest of your body, so it would be great to move about- for circulation and to maintain upper body strength.

    I have been in bed a month now, and apparently it will be at least another 3 months before the sore heals.

    I have heard about something called a prone trolley that you can push while laying down. The drawback is the large amount of space required to turn/manouvre.

    I was also wondering, would a standing wheelchair be any good if you cut a hole out of the back/butt rest where the sore is.

    Any ideas?pictures?

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    Oh wow, that's horrible that you have to be down for so long. What about one of those things that mechanics lay on underneath cars? I think they can raise and lower also, if that's a necessity. I'm not sure how much they cost, but if that's an issue maybe someone can cut down a piece of plywood for you. I would think you could put some wheels on a piece of plywood, add some foam on top and cover with some material and you'd be good to roll.

    Good luck and I wish you a speedy recovery.
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    page 13.

    This is what people use here instead of staying in the bed
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    I know some people are able to be in a standing frame as well, I guess it depends on the exact loc'n of the sore. The last time I was on bed rest for one, the sore has happened b/c of a bad x-fer into the stander, so needless to say, I didn;t get back in until it healed.

    That stretch was only 3 weeks. The first one was 2 months and I was allowed up once a day for a brief bi, which I know isn;t always advisable, or even possible. But I know there are a few people on here who have been over a year.
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    Depending on where your pressure ulcer is located, you can use a standing frame. I would not recommend using any type of wheelchair with a cut out. Cut out's are dangerous since they can put more pressure on the surrounding tissue.

    Laying prone is definitely a drag- I can not imagine being down for over a month much less 3 months, but you need to stay off of that area as much as possible. Make sure that you eat enough protein to help your skin heal and that you drink enough fluids to help replace those that are lost through the open area. Stay off of it and try to keep your brain busy while you are down.

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    If you have strong shoulders and also have triceps, a prone gurney or cart may be an option for some mobility, but they are very difficult to use in most homes as they have a huge turning radius. While power ones are also made, without triceps you will find it very difficult to use even that type. The only current USA manufacturer of prone carts that I am aware of is this one:


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    Wish this would translate, The pictures say a lot! I loved the "Inspect your skin each morning It's your Responsibility"

    I think it's on page 16. I stole a screen shot/ hope no one gets to excited but it's priceless/
    I'm so sorry Miss September you have to go through this, hope you can heal fast!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by woman from Europe View Post

    page 13.

    This is what people use here instead of staying in the bed
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    Hi everyone, thanks for the feedback and encouragement. Sure isn't much fun in bed all day, but I am keeping busy with books (never had much time to read before) and also internet.

    I am definitely going to try and get one of those prone trolleys...looks great! I have pretty strong shoulders and arms as I am a swimmer- got this pressure sore at the paralympics in Beijing. So should be able to push it ok. Will be a bit crowded in my one bedroom appartment tho lol.

    The doctor thinks I have to go and have more surgery in next few days though, as an abscess/cyst has formed under the sore again and need to be surgically drained.

    So have to wait a bit to research these wonderful trolleys. Take care all, and for your own sake take care of your butts- this laying in bed stuff is NO FUN!!!!!!


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