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Thread: 4 months t5 incomplete

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    4 months t5 incomplete

    I do not have any desire to be an agent of pity; I only wish to bring hope to others. I will keep this short for everyone's sake.

    The origin of my SCI is unknown, but it is suspected it is from ischemia. When I awoke in the hospital, I could move my left big toe. Over the next few days, my various parts began working. First the left side beginning with the feet, then the various muscle groups on the left leg. At about one week I could stand on one leg while holding onto something for balance; I was half of an engine, being able to get nowhere without assistance as the right leg was extremely weak!

    At two weeks 4 days after my initial injury, I was discharged out of the hospital; being denied by the insurance can be a real roadblock to recovery. I had my walker, so I could not be stopped! Those stairs were tricky, indeed.

    At one month, I had an astonishing revelation: I could walk unassisted! The voice of Dr. Strangelove rang out in my head, "Mein Führer! I can walk!". About a week after this discovery, I found a rehabilitation place that would take me for the peanuts that I could afford. It was more mercy thing than it being inexpensive.

    I did my thing in therapy, the therapist did her thing. This continued for 90 days and 90 nights. The therapist finally evaluated me, and it was known: my strength was normal in both legs and torso!

    Now the sensation on my left side is indistinguishable below and below the site of injury. The right side is close, but not quite.

    So I want everyone to hope for the best. Those nurses and doctors were not the most optimistic bunch. I was convinced I would be never be able to walk again. I even dreamed up my dream wheel-chair; it was fitted with a bird cage (I am weird), and laptop. So look up! And if worst comes to worst remember that we have tomorrow medical advances to look forward to today; I am sure they will cure SCI soon!

    I am not going to stick around here for long. I just wanted to share my story with everyone.

    Anonymously Yours,


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    I hope you realize just how lucky you are!

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    I'm incredibly happy for you, regarding all the return you have gotten so far. So congrats, welcome to Care Cure, and I hope you receive all your healing.
    "We're one but we're not the same. We get to carry each other" U2

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    Awesome! What do you relate your good fortune too?
    Rehab? Surgery? God? I'm happy for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mona~on~wheels View Post
    Awesome! What do you relate your good fortune too?
    Rehab? Surgery? God? I'm happy for you!
    I have no clue, honestly. I think it is either luck of the draw or this kind of SCI is quick to heal. Rehab was never really what I needed. Insurance put a damper on all of that. No surgery. The hospital did not expect me to wake up with SCI. The whole SCI situation is complicated. I asphyxiated, fell into a wall, and fell into a very weird position. It was apparently a combination of factors but essentially I collapsed a blood vessel in my spine. It is not suspected the hypoxia did any significant damage to my brain or spine other than that one little spot. Within a few days the neurologist was saying he expects a 100% or near 100%. Sooo. . . Well atleast I didn't have any of the neurological problems associated with hypoxic brain damage.

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