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Thread: Protein Powder That Doesn't Taste Like Cardboard?

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    Protein Powder That Doesn't Taste Like Cardboard?

    Does anybody know of a decent tasting protein powder I can use to make smoothies and shakes from? Preferably one that doesn't taste like cardboard? I am not so much into chocolate flavoured ones, looking for something that is vanilla or some kind of fruit flavour. Or better yet one that has no taste.

    Thanks in advance.

    Related to that: any suggestions on good tasting protein or power bars would also be welcomed, chocolate ones are okay as I prefer them better than fake chocolate powders. Just looking for some new kinds that the one or two I eat now. Thanks.
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    I use Allmax Protein in strawberry flavor. It has little tiny bits of real strawberry in it. The real strawberry bits give it an almost alcohol taste. I taste the same thing with fresh strawberries. Nobody else seems to notice the taste, so mabey it's just me. But this is the only flavor I actually enjoy. It has 27 grams of protein per 30 gram scoop. It mixes well and should work great in a smoothie.

    I buy mine from Popeyes in the 6lb containers. Well, they're 5lb containers filled with an extra pound. Their prices are pretty competitive.

    As for protein bars, I eat These in the caramel crunch. It's the only flavor I've tried. These bars contain over 300 calories just so you know. And they're not a perfect snack. But pretty frickin' good as far as protein bars go.

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    BSN has different flavored ones.You can get it at GNC stores.Also you can get the liquid flavored protein 25 to 47grams which comes in a beaker type container.
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    Bsn sytha 6, imo is best. Dont buy at gnc their price is dam near double of what u can buy it at rep
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    Sorry,I don't pay GNC's prices.It's easier than mail orders if one is near you.If you khow my myspace page you'll see why.
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    I used this stuff when I was healing a sore. You can put it in alot of different things without tasting it.
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    The problem might more profitably be viewed as "how can I use soy protein that tastes good in my bulking diet". I think this because most powdered soy products are made with heavily genetically manipulated soy going into it.
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    We've tried a few different brands. Our favorite for flavor (vanilla) and texture is

    EAS Premium Protein "blend of 3 proteins" (whey, soy, casein)
    Per serving: 27g protein, 140 calories

    Costco - 6 lbs for about $35. They have chocolate too but we haven't tried it.

    My dad eats 1/2 serving mixed with his morning yogurt (blends in really well), and makes a smoothie with it every afternoon after his therapy/work-out. Smoothie = banana, yogurt, skim milk, protein powder, ice and usually another fruit (strawberries, blueberries or peach/nectarine).

    For bars, he still prefers Atkins. Not the breakfast ones/the ones with sugar alcohols (too sickly sweet). The regular ones - he especially likes all of the peanut/fudge/carmel bars. Usually around 160 calories, 12g protein, 6-8g fiber. He feels like it is a total decadent treat, and eats one almost every day. Well, it's certainly better then eating haagen das......

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    watch anything w/ sugar alcohols they acrt as a laxative.

    i consume a ton of protein per mth and dps is the cheapest. rep
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    Yes, you are absolutely right fuente - We avoid the Atkins bars with the sugar alcohols (the ones with "sweet" or morning in the titles). Even AB's can have GI distress when they eat these. You think a product with "anal leakage" listed as a possible side effect would have scared people away, but no....

    We've also been adding a lot of protein in our diet in other ways. Hard boiled eggs for breakfast, lots of skim milk and yogurt, tuna fish (sometimes straight out of the can), nuts, fish/chicken and of course.. the smoothies and protein bars. We even found a really tasty protein enriched bread (Brownberry) that has a high protein version with 14g per two slices.

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