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Thread: Condom Caths and leg Bags

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    Condom Caths and leg Bags

    Which web site is best for buying Condom Caths and leg Bags online? I'm looking for a new supplier.

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    You can do a search, but many people here use one of these:

    Keep in mind that your insurance/payer may require you to use a specific company, so check that out as well.


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    Thank You.

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    180medical does supply these items but they are switching to just supply IC only. unless your going to use IC at least 30 per month to be on a monthly shipment there not gonna want to just supply externals and bags. edge park is another place to try. but if your going to IC and externals and bags you can call and talk to Brent at 180 his number is 877-688-2729. I can also help if you have questions I can help, I actually work for the company for 7 months now, its a great company they just want to specialize in IC.

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    Thanks soonerborn, I will keep them in mind. So far I've only had to use external. My Uro said if I get to the point of not emptying I will have to use IC's. Only had one infection in five years, and that was enough. Stayed in the hospital 3 days.

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    Quote Originally Posted by wheels4one View Post
    Which web site is best for buying Condom Caths and leg Bags online? I'm looking for a new supplier.
    I like
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    I still use Uromed, and their sister company for Magic Bullets and skin prep.

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    Thanks Alan & ResonantEcho.

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