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    MRI results

    I recently did a MRI on my shoulder which I have been having problems with and here are the results, the doctor tried to put it into plain english but am looking for someone else who knows what all this means to tell me how bad this really is.....

    here is what the report said

    There is a tear of the superior fibers of the subscapularis tendon. The inferior fibers remain intact. There is no muscle edema or atrophy

    There is a medial subluxation of the biceps tendon within the superior aspect of the pulley into the torn fibers of teh subscapularis tendon.

    There is a small anterior perilabral ganglion cyst. There is irregularity of the superior labrum with a probable small SLAP tear.

    Is this really bad, anyone had this, will this just get worse, how the heck do I live if I have to have surgery...I am a T-4-5 para for 15 years....

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    You have a partial rotator cuff tear. With some therapy you may be able to prevent this from getting worse, and need to learn some different ways to do your transfers, weight shifts and even wheelchair pushing to protect the shoulder.

    Be sure to see a orthopedic surgeon who specializes in shoulders (get two opinions before having any surgery). You can often get names and referrals for such specialists from local high school or college athletic programs (ask where they send their athletes). While rotator cuff surgery is no walk in the park, it is possible to recover at home if you have enough help and equipment for the 6-8 weeks of no shoulder use.


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