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    Dr. Young. First, thank you so very much for taking your valuable time to reply. You prepared a thoughtful and detailed response.

    Would like to point out that the rules of FDA and the Investigational Review Board will currently NOT allow summation of the data in the AMRI data base. I called and asked. If a clinic releases this type of information, they will be shut down and their equipment seized. Supposedly, the FDA does not what the data corrupted until enough cases are presented to the Investigational Review Board to show no harm. The only data that the clinics can release is individual cases in a brief summary. Advertising is forbidden. This is the reason for the patient testimonials and brief summaries on the clinic websites. However, the clinics can answer prospective and current patient's numerous questions. I have also known of cases were MME pateints have volunteered to answer other new patients questions. I do this and do get calls and emails from time to time. So, for the current time being, it is only word of mouth that is allowed.

    The reality is that the MME speeds up the body's healing process a great deal. Therefore, there are many medical conditions (neurological and orthopedic) that the MME can treat. For example, I have met and talked with two women who were scheduled for total knee replacements. Both received about 200 hours of MME therapy and the magnet helped the body regrow the cartliage. They both cancelled the knee replacement surgery. I spoke with another woman with an infant child with severe brain damage who was on a feeding tube for months and not responsive. The infant has had over 200 hours of MME therapy and is no longer on a feeding tube. In fact, the infant is now standing with the Mom holding its hands for balance. Spoke with another woman who had a child born with Cerebal Palsy. The child grew up to become a woman and still could not sit up or walk after age 29. 500 hours plus under the MME and the woman could sit up on her own and walk with the assistance of a walker. My son and I met an SCI patient, a T-8 I think, at one of the clinics who received 150 hours of MME and gained feeling in his butt and hipps. His injury was 6-7 years old. The changes occured in these people while they are still at the clinic.

    I met another young man who had a gun shot in the leg and could not control his foot. He called the clinic back several months after his MME treatment to say he no longer needs his foot brace and can walk and lift his foot for the first time since his injury. Met another man who was there with a stroke. He arrived with a paralyzed right side and no bladder control. He could not move his right arm, hands, fingers, or leg and could not walk. He left the clinic walking with a cane, had regained bladder control, and had full movement of his right arm and wrist. His fingers did not move if I recall correctly.

    Just don't think that these people would agree with your statement that the MME does not work. Is it a cure (100% return of function)? No. However, each made notable progress, the same as my son. Would these changes have occurred without the MME, only God our creator knows that answer.

    It is true that the MME is going through clinical trials for low back pain. They need 20+ more cases to submit to the FDA before the review board completes their review. The individual doctors that run and own the clinics do so at their own expense. None of them are supported by multi-billion dollar universities.

    The MMEs are expensive as is the electricity to run them and keep them cool, not to mention the space and temporary living quarters for weeks on end for some persons receiving longer treatments. Some persons recieve treatment for up to 6-8 weeks at a time and stay at the clinic 24/7.

    Personally, I believe that magnets on the skin are a joke. These types of magnets are bi-directional and cancel out any healing benefits. Most magnetic mattress pads are also bi-directional as well including the Japanese model and any healing benefits are cancelled out as well. The trick is in designing a magnetic system where the body ONLY receives one side of the magnetic field. That is the negative field of the magnet. The Magnetico matress pads and the MME has been able to accomplish feat.

    Personally, I do not know how an MRI is constructed. Ever wonder why no one else is in the room when the MRI is operating. Ask someone in the field if the MRI room is lined with lead. If the answer comes back as yes, then they are protecting others from the positive field of the magnet which could seriously harm or mame someone at 20,000 gauss.

    You may be wondering why I know so much about this subject. Well, as my son's caregiver, I had a lot of free time, 6 weeks for one MME treatment and 4 weeks on another MME treatment session while my son was under the magnet. He was averaging 16-18 hours per day for 6 straight weeks, twice! Luckily, I was on leave from work to assist.

    As for my son's MRI, it does not matter one way or another to me. Your input may have provided other desperate SCI's with some information with which to make a decision for their own future. Will be most interested to follow your stem cell clinical trials in China. Why not in the US?
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