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i asked my surgeon before he operated to let me go if i was paralyzed and he just made me live. i will never forgive him. Everyone has limits to their acceptable level of existence. even with a cure we will never be normal. being a freak, in pain and numb in 80 percent of my body isn't worth it to me.
Pain sucks - in my case, it's been much more disabling than paralysis (C-5 complete.) It's the constant worsening pain that denied me a chance at a life and made me homebound.

Dependence also sucks, and I got, and get, more and more dependent as pains increase and ability to use my arms decreases.

I'm jealous of the guy, though I think he should have given himself more time to explore what he could do in his new condition, several years at least. I've been tortured for 27 years - for me, that's more than enough. Others feel differently about their particular situation.