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Thread: Spinal cord stem-cell trial could start soon, report says

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    Spinal cord stem-cell trial could start soon, report says

    Oct 20, 2008 06:30 PM in Health | 0 comments | Post a comment
    Spinal cord stem-cell trial could start soon, report says

    A clinical trial that would test the use of embryonic stem cells to treat spinal cord injury could begin within three months.

    The Scientist is reporting that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) may lift its hold on a trial sponsored by California biotech Geron Corp. by early next year. In May, the agency ordered Geron to delay the trial while it studied how best to regulate stem-cell-based therapies.

    The phase 1 trial would test whether it is safe to inject nerve cells into the site of a spinal cord injury. A study published in 2005 in the Journal of Neuroscience found that giving rats the injections seven days after a spinal cord injury improved their motor function.


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    fingers crossed

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    Once Bush is out I think things will start moving along nicely.
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    I think this part is really important.

    Democratic Presidential nominee Barack Obama told the group Science Debate 2008 that he would lift the limit, but John McCain, who has said he supports such research, has not made clear whether he would do so.(SOURCE)

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    Obama needs to be reminded of his pledge as soon as he gains office IMO, a squeaky wheel gets oiled.

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    sounds good this

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    If the SCI community is so fortunate that the next american president is named Obama, I'm hopeful his wife will remind him regarding scientific promises.

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    What is the FDA waiting for? If they think they are going to lift the hold, then why not now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by momo3 View Post
    What is the FDA waiting for? If they think they are going to lift the hold, then why not now?
    Simple: George W. Bush Jr.

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    Its Pretty Damn Clear what John McCain's idiot logical will Be..

    Quote Originally Posted by JohnMcCain
    Stem cell research offers tremendous hope for those suffering from a variety of deadly diseases - hope for both cures and life-extending treatments. However, the compassion to relieve suffering and to cure deadly disease cannot erode moral and ethical principles.

    For this reason, John McCain opposes the intentional creation of human embryos for research purposes. To that end, Senator McCain voted to ban the practice of "fetal farming," making it a federal crime for researchers to use cells or fetal tissue from an embryo created for research purposes. Furthermore, he voted to ban attempts to use or obtain human cells gestated in animals. Finally, John McCain strongly opposes human cloning and voted to ban the practice, and any related experimentation, under federal law.

    As president, John McCain will strongly support funding for promising research programs, including amniotic fluid and adult stem cell research and other types of scientific study that do not involve the use of human embryos.

    Where federal funds are used for stem cell research, Senator McCain believes clear lines should be drawn that reflect a refusal to sacrifice moral values and ethical principles for the sake of scientific progress, and that any such research should be subject to strict federal guidelines..
    Shame soo many are too Stupid and Greedy to realize what truly matters in life.
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