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    how do you tell ...

    your sister she is a little naive in a nice way so she will not break her neck again at karate, agaaaain, and not have to go thru the bull her big brother is going thru. She scares the puck out of me.

    She got slapped on the floor at karate, and she's going back tonight. I feared this was coming months ago cause she has degenertive disk disease, except it ain't bad yet.

    Give it too me straight and don't pull any punches. She should know the hell that comes with this paralysis.

    I would hate for her to have to learn all this stuff on this forum from the inside looking out.

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    hi malibu...
    I was in tae kwon do for eight years and never sustained an injury except sore muscles. Is her instructor keeping a watchful eye on them because it should be min contact. Karate is for self defense... not learning to beat the crap out of anyone lol. If she plays it safe and takes precautions she should be fine. Make sure the instructor knows that she needs to take it easy also.

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    Malibu, my SCI was directly related to DDD. It's good that she's physically active, but her being in karate would scare me a bit too. I'm surprised the pain doesn't keep her away from certain sports. How old is she?
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    HTML clipboard Thanks Mandy, I guess I pictured karate different. Your right though hopefully, not sure what my sister is doing there. According to the grapevine, sister was not slapped to the floor but dropped. So maybe it was just a wake up call to be careful. She had a fracture at c-4/5, which is one level worse than mine but at least she walked away from it.

    Danine, she's will be 42 next moth. I should email and remind her she has it. I'm thinking she forgets too much. She's been lucky so far.

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    If you can, get her to get an mri(or another) of her neck. My wife went to a neurosurgeon because of her lower back pain. They did an mri of her C & L sections. When we went in for results, he said, "yeah,yeah we can fix the lower, but look HERE!" He showed us how her DDD was putting her cord at extreme risk and said "one major jarring, car wreck, whatever, and you would wind up a quad." Scared the shit out of us, one sci in the fam is enough.

    She got neck fusion surgery the next week.
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    Great idea McDuff, I will try to convince her to see a neurosurgeon. Her bones are junk from what I understood. But I could be wrong.

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    I am also one of those here because of DDD. I fell into the flower beds and since I had severe narrowing of the spinal canal from DDD and arthritis and overgrowth of bone, pinched the snot out of my spinal cord and lost the use of my hands and arms with some loss of function (stamina) in my legs. Bowel and bladder are also a problem. I still have four more verts that need to be done because they have the same severe stenosis that the c5-6 had. I'll never get my hands back.

    All because of a simple fall into the flower beds. Please get her some info on DDD and ask her to be careful. It doesnt take much to have a devastating injury when you have severe DDD.

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    Malibu, tell her what you're telling us. Depending upon your relationship, blunt can be good.

    If she's degenerative, she should definitely get checked.

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    Just tell her your concerns. If you have a decent relationship, I would think she would at least listen.

    Dealing with SCI everyday puts all of us in a tough situation. My girls love to do gymnastics and it makes me franctic. I watch them land on their heads and roll on their necks, I harp on them constantly for good neck positioning and my friends think I'm way too hard on them for only being 5 and 7. But like someone else said, one SCI in the family is enough, if not one too many!!!!!!!

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