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Thread: I am always cold.

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    I am always cold.

    I'm a C4/5 and am almost always cold. The only time I'm warm is if I sit in the sun on a summer day or when I'm in bed.

    I sit by the fireplace in the evenings and keep a ceramic heater on my office desk running from 7am to 5pm.

    This makes going to meetings and seminars difficult as I can't concentrate if my teeth are chattering.

    Anyone have similar issues with feeling cold and has anyone got a solution? Drugs? Electric underwear powered by 24volts?

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    I use to wear sweatshirts in the summer when I was first injured. I now actually get warm and overheat in the summer. As for winter, I stay cold-in the fall too.

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    Me too. I dread Winters because from knees down I'm freezing. Wonder if it's circulation to the lower extremities?
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    lately i've been obnoxiously cold. 3 nights in a always happens at night for me so i don't get that. I have a heater on, 2 thick blankets, a heated neck pillow, and hot chocolate and STILL i'm cold. Is there anything else i can do besides lighting myself on fire?
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    I am t7-8 and I get cold very easily as well. And once I am cold it takes a long time to finally warm up. (hours)

    Sometimes I think that it isn't as much being cold, as b/c of lack of sensation, I don;t feel warm, and logically that is interpreted as cold.

    Then other times, I know I am just freezing!
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    Drugs won't help. I'm a C7 and always cold as well. Dress properly (turtle neck, Under Armor, layers), try to position yourself in a warm spot near a heat source or in the sun and try not to sit near a cold spot, vent or open window. My legs are always ice cold when I go to bed. When I drive the heat comes on full blast....others are roasting but I'm comfortable. I would stick a sharp stick in my eye if my old lady would agree to move south somewhere.

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    Add me to the cold crowd. Maybe we should all get together for some "just friends" spooning! Meds can actually make it worse I'm told. I wear a stocking cap October through March.

    Someone should start an "I'm Always Cold!" group, I'd join!

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    Like sjean, once I'm cold it takes forever to warm up. I try to overheat myself (scarves, hats, etc.).

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    Exercising warms me up. Alcohol warms me up. The sun is my best friend.
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    I have to laugh while reading these because it's the exact same way I feel, and no one understands how I can be so cold... in the winter I'm usually piled in blankets when I am at home and have everyone sweating because the heater is on. And when it is sunny outside I am the happiest person, like gotwheels,... the sun is my best friend! I just make sure I pile on the sunscreen now

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