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Thread: How much do you pay your Caregiver?

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    it's worth looking for a replacement if you're getting strong armed for a raise. I agree with lizbv,...keep the caregiver and look for a replacement. Personally, after 17 yrs of paying caregivers I know the feeling/fear of changing only to find the replacement worked out better. Over time caregivers get complacent and do less/poor work but want more $$ THEN the new hire works harder for less $$ - DON'T FEAR CHANGE

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    anyone can be replaced do not let any one blackmail you

    why are we on this old thread??

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    These wages seem quite low. Imagine trying to survive on these wages? That wouldn't cut it in the NY metro area. If someone else pays, you have no choice. If you do, then you need to consider your financial resources, rate of burn, investment return (if any), age, dependents, etc.. Then you can establish a upper limit. How you progress someone along to that limit depends on loyalty, safety, security, quality, etc. You don't want to peak too soon. You can also stay a bit lower and give quarterly or semi-annual bonuses depending on performance and your financial situation. Once you establish a new salary, you're locked in, unlike bonuses.

    But always consider how much the caregiver depends on your salary for survival and how much you can afford the extra, say $20/week. Sounds small but 20/week is 1000/year, not inconsequential, especially in today's very poor investing environment.

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    I was a care giver for seniors suffering with Alzheimer's and dementia for three years, and I loved it. Because of the pay rates, I chose to go into medical assisting instead. I'm very sad because it came down to money and being able to survive. I too live in Orange County and have a young daughter. Her father passed away so it is just is. If you look at what a caregiver really does, I believe the pay should be much higher. Heavy lifting, assisting with continence issues, feeding, bed soars, fall risks, vitals, bringing joy into their lives, maintaining their integrity, and with Alzheimer's/dementia there are the emotional demands and patience that goes along with the mood swings, possible outbursts or physical attacks. I started at $10 and after three years only went to 11.25. I loved my clients so much. I loved helping them and making their days brighter. I wish I could get paid to do what I love so much, but a months pay only covers daycare costs and a little gas and food. Many times I got pinched nerves in my back, and because you get attached, it is very hard when they pass away. I think one needs to think about the whole picture that is involved in the care of a loved one. You entrust a person with their life, and quality of life, and it is quite hard work. If I could make $15 an hour as a starting point that would be ideal. I still would not be able to afford my own apartment, even a one bedroom, but at least I could provide quality care to seniors in need and still be able to provide for my family. God bless.

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    10.00 a hr 2 hr 3 times a week. but mine she does light house keeping help me transfer to bath chair and standing frame

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    Amazing, this thread was started in 2005 and rates have stayed the same or even gone down.

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    Mine went from $295 to $345 cdn.

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    i would just explain to your attendant that's all you can afford...if she cares she will understand.

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    I pay the one who has been with me 3 1/2 years $18 an hour and the one who has been with me 2 years $15.

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    Quote Originally Posted by christopher View Post
    Mine went from $295 to $345 cdn.
    Given the change in the USD-CDN exchange rate her rate has gone down (in US dollars)

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