hmm...the carer system in Australia isn't bad, you could probably read up on it somewhere, if you are interested.

All i'm saying is loyalty only goes so far, if a person is offered more money somewhere else you gotta expect they might want to take it. I figure a person is loyal if they give you a chance to renegotiate if you want to retain their services. If they disrespectfully give you a stupid figure, tell them to go jump, but if they give you a carefully considered figure that maybe a bit over the standard you have to at least consider if its worth paying...and if you can afford it, if not you just have to say sorry I can't pay you that.

Question might be, do i need full time care or just care at a few key times of the day?.

If so could my spouse, friends or family step into the breach. If no, you do need a carer and i know it's VERY tough finding a good carer at a cheap and cheerful rate. I had a few ladies clean my house prior to my being in a chair, they were mostly hopeless, one was very nice to look at, one was very dumb and one was very good. It's, as you yanks say "A crap shoot".