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Thread: Home Care Agency Discharging me on 3/10/13!

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    Home Care Agency Discharging me on 3/10/13!

    Hello Everyone,
    The agency that's been providing me with CNA and skilled nursing service just sent me a notice stating that, due to a "staffing shortage", they're me effective March 10, 2013. Thing is, my CNA didn't know anything about this, she said there's no reason why she couldn't continue providing me with care after 3/10. This agency took me on about a year and a half ago when the agency I had been using, VNS of CT, closed its doors. I remember back then someone telling me that VNS could not discharge me until they found another agency to provide me with the same care they had been providing. Can anyone confirm this and do you know the Medicare guidelines regarding this type of situation? When I 1st started with this agency, I needed 3 hours of CNA care a day and nursing care for a weekly testosterone injection. Approximately 7 months later I started needing occasional Foley catheterizations (once every other week) which I can't do it myself. Lately, I've been needing to be catheterized more often as pissing has gotten much more difficult (result of a tethered cord). I'm guessing this company wants to drop me now due to the extra care I now require and the small reimbursements they get from Medicare for that care.

    I called Medicare regarding the company discharging me and I was given the number for the Quality Improvement Organization which I plan to call on Monday. I'm concerned about all this of course because I need the CNA and nursing service but also because the agency had agreed to pay for a wheelchair fitting that I had needed for a new power chair, this old chair is falling apart! The agency could not provide me with a PT to do this fitting and so had to contract out to a local rehab center to do the fitting and agreed that they'd pay for the services as they should. I'm concerned now they're not going to pay for this which means it would have to come out of my pocket.

    Dan G. in CT

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    Your home care is funded by Medicare, or Medicaid? If Medicaid I might know a few hings, if Medicare hopefully somebody else knows something.

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    This sounds like you need a new company or service provider.Do you have a case manager or something who could assist you? CWO

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