Posted at: 10/19/2008 08:51:10 PM

Updated at: 10/20/2008 07:48:27 AM

By: Deanna King

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Paralyzed college student takes first steps

Michael Bliss will never forget when a doctor told him he should get used to using a wheelchair. Bliss was paralyzed after an attack in Buffalo.

The Greece college student was beat by three men near the University of Buffalo campus. Bliss had limited movement in his hands and arms. However, he refused to accept that he would never walk again.

For months he has worked hard during physical and occupational therapy. Last week, for the first time since his injury, the 21-year-old took several steps.

"Anytime you can make progress like that this quick it's a good feeling," said Bliss. "I'm fortunate to be able to come this far because a lot of people aren't that lucky."